New Tube Amp Debuts

White Horse Amplification launched in the UK      17/10/07

New Tube Amp Debuts

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Gear4music tell us that they are poised to launch a major new range of guitar amplification under their new White Horse brand, with the introduction of the T64RS 60W Tube Amp, a 12AX7 valve-driven half stack guitar amplifier comes complete with a 4 x 8" angled speaker cabinet.
Gear4music say that, sporting a hybrid valve head, the White Horse 60W Tube Guitar Amp delivers a broad sound palette, with a huge variety of usable tones from sparkly twang and spank with harmonic chime, through rhythm crunch and dirty blues, to classic rock, punk and brutal metal.
Matched with the amp head is a closed back quad speaker cabinet equipped with 4 x 8" custom designed drivers. The black Tolex covered cabinet features recessed handles, black grille cloth with white trim and removable casters, as well as matched recessed slots for the amplifier feet, to hold the head fast to its cabinet at high volumes.
Gear4music’s Product Manager, Craig Monk, told us, “Our new White Horse amp range stands for quality amplification made truly affordable. Expect to see more from White Horse in the near future, as we have some exciting plans for the brand, which we will be revealing shortly.�
White Horse T64RS 60W Tube Guitar Amp Specifications:
  • 60W Half Stack Guitar Amplifier with Two Channels
  • Tube Pre-Amplifier section with 1x 12AX7 tube and independent Gain controls on each channel
  • Channel One 'Rhythm' Controls: Gain, Volume, Bass, Treble, Channel Selector Switch, Red 'Channel On' LED
  • Channel Two 'Lead' Controls: Gain, Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble, Green 'Channel On' LED
  • Spring Reverb with Master Reverb Control
  • CD Input Jack 1/4"
  • Effects Loop Send and Return Jacks 1/4"
  • Foot Switch Input Jack 1/4" for channel switching
  • Headphone Output Jack 1/4"
  • Closed Back Angled Speaker Cabinet
  • 4x 8" Custom Designed Drivers
  • Recessed cabinet handles and recessed slots for the amplifier feet
  • Includes speaker cable to connect amp head to cabinet and removable casters for cabinet
  • Dimensions: 80cm (h) x 62cm (w) x 32cm (d)
Pricing and Availability:
Available now exclusively from Gear4music.
The UK RRP has been confirmed at just £175.00 including VAT. Additionally, Gear4music offers a two year warranty as standard on White Horse amps.
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