New Novation Controller Keyboards

ReMOTE SL COMPACT 25 and 49 key controller keyboards with Automap Universal announced      15/08/07

New Novation Controller Keyboards

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Novation have released a new MIDI controller. They tell us that ReMOTE SL COMPACT, combined with Automap Universal, provides an affordable route to automatic, instant and intelligent control of all major sequencers and all automatable plug-ins. A huge 144-character screen displays up to eight assigned parameters at once, with the essential data laid out logically right before the user’s eyes.
Novation’s Automap Universal software, unique to the SL range, ensures that little or no user setup is required. Sequencer controls are automatically mapped to the SL COMPACT the moment the sequencer boots up, whilst all VST or AU parameters are intuitively assigned as soon as a plug-in opens. In addition, an instant click and control ‘learn’ function is available for quick custom assigning, providing personalised plug-in control. The SL COMPACT’s unique PAC (pointer-assigned control) technology combined with its ‘speed dial’ also help to maximise efficiency by providing tactile control of any parameter on which the mouse pointer rests.
In Automap Universal mode, the number of controls is unlimited. In Manual Template mode, the eight encoders and eight buttons with LEDs combine with eight Group select switches to provide 64 different assignable parameters. Eight large, velocity-sensitive trigger pads are also available, ideal for triggering samples or sketching out beats.
Novation believe that, with its 25- or 49- key (2- or 4- Octave) professional, semi-weighted keyboard featuring aftertouch, the SL COMPACT upholds the company’s philosophy of designing real instruments rather than mere computer peripherals. They say that SL COMPACT provides a truly focused and highly portable MIDI controlling solution through its dedicated transport controls, assignable pitch / mod wheels, and USB bus powering. A Novation spokesperson told us, “Novation’s pioneering Automap Universal technology, the huge screen and an unrivalled control set ensure that the ReMOTE SL COMPACT is the only choice for the demanding, modern music maker in search of an intuitive MIDI controller that won’t break the bank. With the SL COMPACT, artists are free to focus on what matters most – their music. “
SL COMPACT also ships with Novation’s new Xcite+ bundle, which features a host of software solutions, including Ableton Live Lite 6; ideal, say Novation, to get the new user started, or to expand the experienced user’s creative toolbox.
Pricing and Availability:
25 key costs £219.95 inc. VAT
49 key costs £269.95 inc. VAT More information:

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