SonicTV Checks Out The Korg M3 Pt1

US Exclusive M3 Video Demo with James Asher      23/07/07

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The M3 is at last widely available 'round the Globe and this latest beast in the Korg workstation range is packed with shedloads of functions, features and new technology.

In this 2 part mini series we have recruited Sonic user James Asher to help navigate around the 3 hefty user-manuals-worth of gear porn. James was one of the first musicians in the UK to own an M1 back in the 80’s, so we figured that makes him a bit of an egghead – sorry, I mean expert when it comes to sussing out groundbreaking workstations. Infact he’s no stranger to Korg synths having used them extensively for composing soundtrack, library & Worldbeat albums including his celebrated Tigers Of The Raj CD.
We asked him to roadtest the M3 on camera so that Sonic viewers could make up their own minds about Korg’s latest offering.

Sonic State Checks Out Korg’s M3 – Episode one
In episode one of this two parter, James looks into the M3’s multi purpose control surface and demos the Karma function (applied to various combinations), chord pads (on a variety of patches) and a selection of sounds including drums, strings, pads and washes.

Both episodes are produced by Simon Power and filmed by Andy McCreeth. Thanks to James for agreeing to appear on this exclusive Sonic TV mini series. He will also make an appearance in the upcoming series, Top 5 Greatest Samplers coming soon to Sonic TV! Here’s the lowdown on those features:
·New EDS (Enhanced Definition Synthesis) sound generator derived from the OASYS's HD-1 engine supports up to four-way velocity switching, and features powerful filter configurations plus advanced modulation functions.
·256 Mbytes (16-bit linear data equivalent) of 48 kHz sampled PCM memory containing a total of 1,028 multisamples and 1,606 drum samples, including velocity-switched elements.
·The same second-generation KARMA functionality featured on the OASYS, an all-new Drum Track function, the Open Sampling System, and a high-rez 16-track MIDI sequencer.
·The color touch-view GUI can also able to be used as an X-Y control. Eight dynamic pads and a multi-function control surface.
·Virtualized Hardware via a new Firewire functionality allows the M3 to be closely integrated into a DAW system.
·Korg Komponent System --- a new concept that lets you flexibly construct your system from hardware units.
·You can choose from four models (61-key, 73-key, 88-key, or a sound module), with the 61 and 73 key versions premiering a newly-develop keyboard that feels great and increases both expression and control. Expansion possibilities include the EXB-RADIAS (a RADIAS-derived analog modeling synthesizer board), the EXB-M256 (PCM sample memory expansion), the EXB-FW board that allows virtualized hardware expansion via a single FireWire cable, and EX-USB-PCM series libraries to be released in the future.

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