Versatile Plug-In Channel Strip

URS launch Classic Console Strip Pro with selectable input stages, compressors and EQ      09/07/07

Versatile Plug-In Channel Strip

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URS has announced the URS Classic Console Strip Pro for Macintosh OSX. They tell us that Classic Console Strip Pro is a multi-console in the box professional solution designed for the next generation of digital recording engineers.
Here's how URS describe the new product in their own words...
The URS Classic Console Strip Pro is a revolutionary new way of combining classic sounds into one unified channel strip. This modern concept allows the engineer to create hundreds of custom console starting points from the almost never ending palette of input stages, compressor/limiter and EQ choices all with near zero latency and full 48 bit Double Precision Processing. Selectable Input Stage Algorithms
The URS Classic Console Strip Pro includes thirty digitally recreated Input Stages with adjustable Intensity Control 0-200% to color the signal before adding any EQ or Compression:
  • Three Class A American input transformers
  • Class A British input transformer
  • Class A German input transformer
  • Two Class A tube input stages
  • 15ips 2" Tape electronics/head bump
  • 30ips 2" Tape electronics/head bump
  • 30ips 1/2" Tape electronics/head bump
  • Fifteen Console & Tape Machine combos
  • Five Console Input/Summing Buss stages
A Digital transparent Input stage is also provided which adds no colorization, harmonics and/or saturation.
Specially Designed Versatile Channel Compressor Section
The compressor section features a custom designed versatile channel compressor that can match the sound and characteristics of Diode Bridge, VCA, Fet, Opto, Tube and Tape compression.
The editable compressor starting points are based on the most prized compressors limiters in recording studio history, The URS Classic Console Strip Pro features 12 classic console compressor/limiter presets and 47 outboard compressor/limiter presets.
The compressor starting points simultaneously change the input stage algorithms to suit the compressor preset.
The Compressor features fully adjustable Threshold, Ratio, Knee, Attack, Release and Gain Makeup.
Presently 60 Compressor presets are included:
  • Two 1967 Americian Channel Comp presets
  • Five 1970 British Channel Comp presets
  • Two 1970 British Channel Limiter Presets
  • Five 1980 British VCA Channel Comp presets
  • Five Fet presets
  • Four Opto presets
  • Five Tape Compression presets
  • Twelve Tube Compression presets
  • Seven American VCA presets
  • Two Very-New presets
  • Four Stress presets
  • Three Class A Heron presets
  • Room Mic preset
  • Three URS Classic Console Strip presets
Selectable EQ Section Algorithms
The Classic Console Strip Pro initially includes digital recreations of four analog recording console EQ sections and one vintage program EQ.
  • 1951 Tube EQ
  • 1967 American 4 Band
  • 1970 British 3 Band Class A
  • 1972 British 4 Band Class A/B
  • 1980 British 4 Band
Each fully parametric EQ band can select from any of the five EQ choices. In addition the HF and LF bands are selectable Peak or Shelf.
Filters/Side chain section can be assigned either Pre/Post Compressor or as the Compressor's Side Chain
In Your Face Signal Flow
The URS Classic Console Strip Pro’s Signal Flow section shows the routing of the Compressor, Filters and EQ sections and serves as the IN/OUT switching for each section. The Pre/Post switching of the Compressor section and Filters sections will automatically change the labeling of the Signal Flow buttons. The Compressor is selectable Pre/Post EQ section. The Filters are selectable Pre/Post the Compressor section.
Room to grow
The URS Classic Console Strip Pro’s unified GUI allows room to add more Input Stages, Compressor and EQ algorithms as they are developed.
Two versions included
The URS Classic Console Strip Pro includes the super DSP efficient Classic Console Strip plugin for tracks that do not require all of the Classic Console Strip Pro's features.
Pricing and Availability:
TDM license includes - TDM -RTAS - AU - VST for PPC and Intel Mac OSX only. WinXp, Vista TDM, RTAS and VST support coming soon. $1499.99
Native license includes - RTAS - AU - VST for PPC and Intel Mac OSX only. WinXp, Vista RTAS and VST support coming soon. $749.99
As an introductory offer the URS Classic Console Strip Pro is included in the July 2007 Sale.
There is an upgrade path for Classic Console Strip owners.
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