Night Of The Brain

New Album From Thom Yorke Remixer, Cristian Vogel      04/06/07

Night Of The Brain

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Wear This World Out is the first album from Night Of The Brain fronted by Barcelona based Cristian Vogel.
Vogel has carved out a formidable reputation on the techno/experimental scene for remixes of Radiohead, Maximo Park and Thom Yorke and as one half of Super Collider alongside WARP Record’s Jamie Lidell.

The new album features a mix of real instrumentation and laptop electronica with catchy hooks and clever lyrics. Cristobal Massis’s drumming and bass licks from Mike ‘Fuzz’ Hermann add dynamic rock flavours and rhythms that pitch this offering alongside Death In Vegas, Underworld and Unkle’s new War Stories album as whipping up a slick and nicely executed rock/techno crossover vibe.
Wear This World Out
1 - Golden Shower Song
2 - Ghosts
3 - Viki the Tall
4 - The Theme
5 - Connecting Changes
6 - Winter Wine
7 - Dark Lady
8 - Battle of Hearts and Minds
9 - Engine of Angels
10 - Above and Beyond

The album is released today on Vogel’s Station 55 label and track 4, the achingly catchy bass-heavy The Theme, is available as a free download below.

Sonic will be chatting with Cristian Vogel as part of their upcoming Sonar Festival coverage from Barcelona later in June.

  • Download The Theme for free
  • Sonar Festival 2007, Barcelona

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