Korg M3 spotted in UK studio

Soundtrack Composer Ships One Over      03/05/07

Korg M3 spotted in UK studio
big thumbs up for the M3

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UK composer James Asher shipped in a brand new M3 from Japan after seeing the monster keyboard demoed at Sound Expo in March.
“It stood out a mile from the rest of the gear at the show. The Oasys chips, 8 chord pads, XY Kaoss pad-like touch screen and a mind numbing quantum leap in sound quality.�
James, who composes for film and TV as well as producing albums such as Tigers of the Raj, was in Japan performing a benefit gig for the White Lions of Timbavati.
�I hooked up with an old friend Morgan Fisher (Mott The Hoople/Queen) and he told me that my hotel was next door to Ikebe, the best keyboard shop in Tokyo!�
This was early April and the M3’s had been on display for a couple of weeks.
�It’s not out in the UK till August as far as I know, so I went in the shop and asked for another demo.� (Actually, Korg UK tell us May, so the wait is almost over - ed)
James’ studio already boasts a fine arsenal of instruments. A Yamaha MO6, Virus TI, JP 8, Triton Extreme, Korg Micro-X, Roland Fantom `S`, Roland XV-5080 and a Novation Supernova to name but a few.
“The M3 has some of the best sounds I’ve ever heard from an electronic keyboard. And the features are amazing. 128 note poly, 2 USB sockets, extensive FX and an extremely expressive keyboard. It can also operate as a virtual instrument addressable via the sequencer as VSTI etc. Its 4 way velocity switching piano beats the hell out of anything else I’ve heard. If this doesn’t inspire you, call the ambulance, it’s all over!�
James was able to bring the keyboard home from Tokyo with the rest of his gear after the gig. Although, this kind of thing is not recommended by Korg UK, as there are all sorts of issues with warranty and power supply incompatibilities - so dont try this at home kids! However, James was so blown away by the M3, he just had to have it.
He will be using the new beast to compose ambient moody scoring and kick arse dance stuff describing it as a major writing aid and a live performance tool.
“The care with which the guy in the shop installed the Radias board and extra memory was a moment I’ll never forget. White Gloves, plastic sheeting laid out... it was like a ritual. Still, a keyboard like this deserves respect. It’s a masterpiece!�
Check out the M3 in Sonic’s WNAMM 07 videos and news.

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