Elektrik Piano Updated

US NI releases Elektrik Piano 1.5 with new presets and improved features      23/04/07

Elektrik Piano Updated

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Native Instruments tell us that they have released Elektrik Piano 1.5. Now based on the Kontakt 2 engine, Elektrik Piano 1.5 boasts many additional features. NI say that Version 1.5 sees the e-piano software reach a new level in realism and dynamic playability. They tell us that the four classic electric pianos have been refined in almost every detail, and their range expanded with 16 new and stunningly authentic instrument presets. Here’s the details in NI’s own words…
New Engine
Elektrik Piano 1.5 has a brand new engine under the hood. Based on the super-powerful KONTAKT 2 - Native Instruments' award winning sampler engine, Elektrik Piano 1.5 now features greater stability, much faster loading times, host automation capacity, an improved voice allocation algorithm, thoroughly reworked 'authentic' patches, and numerous other small improvements from version 1.
New Instruments
Elektrik Piano 1.5 comes with 16 astounding new "Authentic Instruments" presets (four for each piano). All instruments have been carefully redesigned, reproducing the dynamic feel of the original keyboards to the fullest extent. “Authentic Instruments� presets can also be imparted with even greater level of depth and warmth, thanks to the brand new impulse-response room and cabinet simulations.
New Effects
The A200, MK1 and MK2 instruments now include a tremolo effect which can be controlled via MIDI and mod-wheel as well as allowing for automation in your host sequencer. Additionally, instrument presets with different tremolo amount settings can be combined in a single performance. The E7 instruments now include a mod-wheel controllable Wah-Wah effect, a “Sound� knob which will switch through 10 different sound settings and a sustain pedal emulating the E7’s characteristic damper mechanism.
More Choice
New options for setting the dynamic range and random values for velocity, volume, and pitch have been added, giving ELEKTRIK PIANO 1.5 an exquisitely 'organic' feel.
More Realism
Also new in version 1.5 is the redesigned voice allocation algorithm which not only reduces CPU usage but also authentically replicates the mechanical workings of a real electric piano.
Intel-Mac ready
Elektrik Piano is now Intel Mac compatible - the Universal Binary update is included in version 1.5.
Pricing and Availability:
The Elektrik Piano 1.5 Update is available to Windows PC, PowerPC-Mac und Intel-Mac users (Universal Binary).
Elektrik Piano The update is subject to a fee if you registered Elektrik Piano before September 12, 2006.
The update requires a new serial number.
More information:

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