Kontakt2 Master Songwriter

AudioWarrior’s Workstation Library Now In NI Kontakt2 version      09/03/07

Kontakt2 Master Songwriter

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We brought you the news about AudioWarrior’s Master Songwriter Workstation library for Halion 3 last month and now they tell us that it’s available in a Kontakt2 version. Here’s the details in their own words:
Master Songwriter KONTAKT2 Workstation Library includes a large selection of top quality professional grade instruments and MULTI'S with flexible Auto-Strumming Acoustic and Electric Guitars with pat-pending real strummable guitar chords from a non-weighted MIDI keyboard, Elektrik-Lead-Guitar that you can Dive Bomb with the Pitch Wheel like a whammy bar with soaring harmonics and vibrato, massive thick evolving Analogue Synth Racks with Leads,Pads, Bass, FX, Drums, Bass, Choir, 30 Acoustic and Electric Drum Kits, World-Percussion, Organs, Pianos, and the legendary One-Man-Orchestra Wurlitzer Theatre Organ.
2 Major-Label Multi-Platinum World-Class Drummers: Axe-N-Skin Double-Bass Beats with corresponding MIDI files and two Major Label World Class AudioWarrior Rex2/Midi Drum Track Builders for Cubase or compatible sequencer; One From Queensryche's Scott Rockenfield and one from Primus'/Guns-N-'Roses Bryan 'BRAIN' Mantia.
All three Drum Track Builders have 100's of Drag And Drop Intros, Fills, Grooves, Outros of 4-bar chunks of tempo-flexible sample-accurate authentic 'Real Drum Tracks' with a warm sound and feel because they were played by 2 of the world's top multi-platinum world-touring drummers. You can change the tempo of any of the beats without altering the pitch, and add even more intricate parts with their included playable kits that use the same sounds that were used to make the REX2 files so it sounds exactly like it was played on the same kit in the same room; seamless.
Instruments and Sounds
  • Real Acoustic Dreadnought Guitar Rythym/Lead with iStrum® MIDI patterns which provide a total of 1700 auto-strumming possibilities.
  • 85 Pat Pending Audiowarrior G-Mapped Chords may also be manually strummed on a non-weighted keyboard.
  • Elektrik Lead Guitar with alternating harmonics and Power Chords
  • 30 Drum Kits Plus 12 World Percussion Instruments (All top quality Maple and Birch)
  • Axe-N-Skin DoubleBass Drums
  • Kontakt 2 Bass Rig (J-Bass-Slap Bass-Acoustic Upright-18 Synth Basses)
  • Banghis Khan (Vintage Ludwig®)
  • Nu-Age Choir with Vowel Modeiing [A E I O U]
  • The Seven Deadly Synths (Evolving Analogue Pads, FX, Basses, Leads)
  • The Mighty Wurlitzer Theatre Organ (One Man Orchestra)
    • Chrysoglott ; bell-chimes
    • Clarinet
    • Diapason:main chamber pipes
    • Concert Flute
    • Solo Chimes
    • Solo English Horns
    • Solo Glock
    • Solo Orchestra Bells
    • Solo Orchestra Oboe
    • Solo Tibia
    • Solo Tuba
    • Solo Vox Humana Tremolo
    • Solo Xylophone
    • Solo Violin
    • Solo Traps which actually are inside the Wurlitzer sometime called 'Toy Counter' which include; Kettle Drum, Bass Drum, Tom Tom, Tambourine, Sleigh Bells, Castanets, Crash Cymbal, Tap Cymbal, Snare Roll.
  • Pianos & Organs (Two sparkling|warm Acoustic Grands, Expressive Rhodes that's soft and bell-like when played easy, hard-edged and gritty when played hard, swirling B3, classic Wurly Electric Piano, Bellowing Quasimoto Cathedral Pipes.)
  • Vintage 1963 Collector's Silvertone® Clean Electric Rythym/Lead Guitar with iStrum® MIDI patterns, works great as a clean direct guitar for software amp-modeling.
  • Bryan 'Brain' Mantia Drum Track Builder (extremely flexible and adaptable drag & drop drum beats with corresponding MIDI files)
  • Scott Rockenfield Drum Track Builder (extremely flexible and adaptable drag & drop drum beats with corresponding MIDI files)
Mix, match, and layer sounds to create brand new unheard-of combination instruments. All expertly recorded, mastered, and programmed. ReWire Master Songwriter® into Pro Tools® and Cubase® via HALion's ReWire or VSTi/AU capability for years of inspirational songwriting material. Requires Kontakt2 or higher. For Mac OS X and Windows XP. Pricing and Availability:
DVD or Download: $149 More information:

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