More Pods - Invasion Of The Body Snatchers?

Nope, just Line 6 shipping Floor POD Plus and Bass Floor POD      06/03/07

More Pods - Invasion Of The Body Snatchers?

Buying Choices
We brought you news of the Floor POD Plus and Bass Floor POD from January’s Winter NAMM show and Line 6 now tell us that the two new products are shipping.
Floor POD Plus
Floor POD Plus gives you all the features of the studio-standard POD 2.0 along with additional premium effects in a road-ready floor pedal with real time foot controls. It can be used as a multi-effect unit in front of any guitar amp or PA, a complete direct to the board recording tone solution, or as a headphone practice partner.
The unit comes loaded with 32 amp models and 16 cab models that can be mixed and matched. In addition, the guitarist now has access to six delay models, full-time compressor, and 20 other effects including choruses, flangers, reverbs, sub-octave, and synth. Floor POD Plus also features 120 custom-crafted presets, onboard tuner, CD/MP3 input, MIDI in/out, and much more.
Mike Murphy, associate product manager, Line 6, has this to say, “Since 1998, POD has appeared on countless platinum-selling records. With Floor POD Plus, the guitarist can have all of those proven tones right at their feet in a package that’s ideal for the stage. On stage, in the studio, or for bedroom jamming, Floor POD Plus delivers a huge variety of award-winning tones to keep the guitarist inspired.�
Bass Floor POD
Line 6 say that the Bass Floor POD provides the bass player with premium tone and effects in a portable, easy-to-use package at an affordable price for any beginning or professional bass player. Like the Floor POD Plus, it can be used as a front-end multi-effects/tone pedal for any bass amp, a complete direct to PA and recording tone solution, or simply as a headphone practice device.

Inside Bass Floor POD lives five bass amp models and a synth, pulled directly from the best-selling LowDown bass amp line. Line 6’s Smart Control Effects include Envelope Filter, Octaver, and Chorus — all effects can be easily tweaked with the twist of a knob. Bass Floor POD also features a studio quality compressor model, an onboard tuner, CD/MP3 input for jamming, a deep switch for even more bass, and a volume/wah pedal.
Rich Renken, product manager, Line 6, has this to say about the new unit, “For the bass player, having professional bass tone usually requires a lot of extremely heavy, and often very expensive gear. With Bass Floor POD, a legacy of pro sounds are built into an extremely portable pedalboard that can be taken anywhere. Whether jamming or recording at home or playing on stage with a band, Bass Floor POD delivers massive bass tone every time.� Pricing and Availability:
Floor POD Plus MSRP: $419.99
Bass Floor POD MSRP: $279.99
More information:

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