WNAMM07: At Last – A Quiet Button

Unfortunately its only available in an instrument cable...      18/01/07

WNAMM07: At Last – A Quiet Button

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gig-fx has announced the Quiet Cable which they say represents a significant step forward in instrument cable technology.
The instrument end of the Quiet Cable is terminated with a patent-pending jack plug featuring the revolutionary new Quiet Button. The Quiet Button will automatically turn the cable off (mute to ground) when it is unplugged avoiding annoying and potentially damaging speaker pops and loud buzzes. The jack with the Quiet Button is intended to plug into your instrument, and the other end into your amplifier. You can change / unplug instruments without fear of hurting your speakers, your ears or annoying your audience.
Gig-fx tell us that the Quiet Button has a rugged mechanism that has been tested with tens of thousands of insertions for reliability. It is fully automatic and is seamless in operation. Unlike other designs, the Quiet Button exerts no mechanical force that expels the jack plug and uses no magnetic fields. The switch is totally automatic in operation and works seamlessly as you insert or withdraw the instrument jack.
The Quiet Cable is available in two versions: the Professional version, which is a cable terminated with gold-plated jacks to ensure the lowest resistance contact, and the lower-cost standard version, which is terminated with Nickel plugs.
Both cables feature oxygen-free copper conductors for optimum signal transmission, corrosion-proof gold-plated switching mechanisms, low capacitance cable design to maintain high harmonics and fast transients, double-braided shielding for toughness and elimination of extraneous noise, and a highly-flexible heavy-duty casing to ensure long life and reliability. The slim-line Quiet Jacks are designed for easy insertion and retrieval from Strat® and other angled jack sockets. The cables are available in various lengths from 5 feet (1.5M) to 19’6� (6M).
The product is RoHS compliant. gig-fx plans to introduce other cable variations featuring the Quiet Button including a right-angle plug version.
Pricing and Availability:
Estimated street price range: From $17.50 USD to $35 USD depending on cable length and choice of gold or nickel plugs More information:

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