What Is The Sound Of One Hand Flying?

SONiVOX releases FlyingHand Percussion Kontakt 2 sample library      09/11/06

What Is The Sound Of One Hand Flying?

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SONiVOX has announced the release of FlyingHand Percussion, a new Kontakt 2 Sample library for both the PC and Mac platforms. They tell us that FlyingHand Percussion features a unique array of highly-detailed hand percussion instruments (plus some interesting electronic percussion) in an easy to use layout that enables musicians to create percussion tracks full of irresistible grooves and sizzling solos.
Enticing us all with a sneak preview, SONiVOX is giving away almost 600 megabytes of this collection free if we go to the SONiVOX MI website listed at the bottom of the page.
SONiVOX sound designer, Rob Baker, told us, "I’ve heard and played almost every percussion sample library on the market and this one really stands out in terms of its incredible playability. For those of us who need great rhythm tracks but may not know a percussionist, this is an ideal solution for creating very exciting percussion tracks with very little effort."
Here’s the rest of what SONiVOX have to say in their own words:
Produced by veteran sound designer/composer Eitan Teomi of Handheld Sound, FlyingHand Percussion ships in a beautiful handmade package actually hand made by artisans from Nepal. The zen-like vibe that permeates the product is reflected in the obvious care and attention to detail with which it has been rendered.
FlyingHand Percussion contains 4 DVDs (over 40,000 samples) of stunningly detailed hand percussion instruments. The instruments include a multitude of articulations (playing styles) each as well as dynamic samples (soft to loud), multiple microphone positions (close to ambient), alternate takes to avoid repetitive sounds, and a unique “Legato Drumming™� feature that intelligently responds to musical phrases, inserting musical nuances and tonal variances that provide an added level of authenticity. The result sounds very much like a real percussionist when they hit the drum in a slightly different place each time or moves a hand across the drum head creating a small scraping sound, etc.
FlyingHand Percussion instruments include:
  • 4 Anklungs – Asian bamboo rattlers
  • 2 Boomwhackers®
  • 16â€� Djembe
  • Handmade Naal –similar in sound to Tabla Drum
  • 14â€� Maple Ashiko
  • Piru Claves
  • 16â€� and 22â€� Frame Drums
  • 5 Gallon Jug
  • Suspended Bass Drum
  • Clay Drum – resembles an Udu
  • Traditional Indian Kanjira Drum
  • Assorted Shakers –plastic, wood, and bamboo variations
  • Assorted Bells – including belltree and bell stick
  • Congas
  • Morphosis – electronic hybrids synthesized from real organic resonances
  • 14â€� and 16â€� Timbales
  • Bongo Cajon - features mahogany heads
  • 3 Cowbells
  • Mutants – Cinematic sounds featuring re-pitched instruments and virtual ensembles
  • Triangles – A Brass Orchestral Triangle and a one of a kind Trine Instrument
Pricing and Availability:
Shipping now. $259 USD MSRP More information:

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