AES06SF: Desktop Console System Unveiled

Universal Audio gives a preview of the DCS Remote Preamp and DCS Monitor Master      06/10/06

AES06SF: Desktop Console System Unveiled

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At AES Universal Audio unveiled the innovative Desktop Console System (DCS)- a new concept and product line which initially includes the DCS Remote Preamp and DCS Monitor Master. The DCS modular family of products each combine a base-unit with a DCS-Link connected remote controller and can each be used individually or interconnected to form a multi-unit console.
Mike Barnes, VP Of Marketing for UA told us, "The Desktop Console System (DCS) is a modular product family designed to upgrade and enhance DAW's by elegantly combining the most useful large console features into a compact ‘micro-console’ form factor. By collaborating with Scott & Rob Silfvast, two of the original founders and ex-executives of Euphonix, UA is poised to bring high-end console quality and pro features to project studios needing console features but with limited workspace and budgets."

Key Features Of DCS Remote Preamp (Dual Pre & Cue Mixer):
  • Dual Mono Or Stereo transimpedance Mic Pre/DI
  • Mid-Side (MS) Recording with decoded monitoring
  • Headphone amp with 3x Cue mix, Reverb & EQ
  • Digitally controlled analog signal path via DCS-Link
  • Remote up to 300' from base station via CAT-5 cable
Scott Silfvast, Product Consultant and co-Founder of Euphonix had this to say, " By collaborating with UA, we have combined heritage, sonic excellence and our joint industry experience to design a modular series of desktop studio products. The DCS products uniquely take the best features and working methods of large-format consoles and allow these to be easily integrated into today's more compact DAW-based studios. Each DCS unit provides a unique solution for the DAW-based studio that helps to interface the analog part of the studio - humans, mics, instruments, headphones, speakers etc with the computer."
Key Features Of DCS Monitor Master (Speaker & Cue Controller):
  • Mixing/monitoring/recording premium-quality "console master section"
  • 100% digitally controlled analog signal path via DCS-Link_ interconnect
  • Five stereo inputs (three analog, two digital) and five stereo outputs
  • Features such as mono sum, dim, mute plus L/R solo, phase and swap
  • Flexible talkback & Reference grade 24 bit 192 kHz DAC
Pricing and Availability:
The first DCS product, the Remote Preamp, is scheduled to begin shipping in Q1 2007 at a price TBA. More information:

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