Gomp Grows

Update to 1.5 adds new features      04/10/06

Gomp Grows

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GOMP has been updated to version 1.5.
GurGuruOneMP (GOMP) is a VST MIDI FX Plugin. It is a programmable musical scripting language, taking the best from traditional programming languages adding high-level functions / concepts using standard music theory. New 1.5 Features:
  • Two views of GOMP now available. One basic for performance mode and the other advanced for programming mode
  • Line/ascii editing. Now Mac users can take full advantage!
  • RND and Reset buttons to respectively mess-up and restore parameters
  • C.C.# variable to allow easier handling of continuous controller events
  • Temporary variables to avoid having to borrow valuable parameters
  • Quick number and list entry
  • RAW midi import
More Features:
  • Runs on Mac/OS X (10.2.8 to 10.4 universal) or PC/WinALL
  • Full support for the MIDI standard including CCs
  • In-built logic and math
  • Sixteen fully-automatable parameters
  • Infinite mapping possibilities
  • Specify chords using standard notation names, including intervals and inversions
  • MIDI import. Play entire MIDI sequences from single keys
  • Smart Note Off
  • Easy to use/fast GUI with full tracing and syntax checking
  • Modular - Multiple instances can be used to expand functionality
Pricing and Availability:
    Price: Normal: 79 Euros, Current: 69 Euros
    GOMP 1.5 Jr (the performance-mode-only GOMP) also available for 29 Euros
More information:

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