High Performance Guitar Cable Launched

Mogami's Platinum Series hits the shops      05/09/06

High Performance Guitar Cable Launched

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Mogami have introduced the new Platinum Series instrument cable. Through precision engineering and manufacturing techniques, Mogami say thay have managed to reduce the capacitance (the tendency for a component to store an electrical charge) and refine the mechanical and electrical performance attributes of the cable, while maintaining superior flexibility and handling characteristics. The result is a very flexible, light weight, larger diameter, very high performance cable that minimizes noise and delivers the most neutral tone quality that is physically possible—even in extended lengths.
By reducing the cable’s capacitance, Mogami’s new Platinum Series instrument cable maintains the high frequency content other cables lose. As cable length increases, top end is the first sound element to suffer, along with muted transients and compromised dynamics. This is why guitarists have lived by the unwritten rule that guitar cables should never exceed 18 feet—because beyond this physical limit, one’s sound suffers dramatically. With the new Platinum Series cable, Mogami claim that guitarists can suddenly extend their cable length to as much as 40 -50 feet creating far more freedom of movement than ever before without degradation of sound quality.
The biggest challenge in designing the highest performance guitar cables is eliminating Triboelectric Noise, caused by handling, flexing, or stepping on the cable. This also causes vibration from music which makes cables “sing along�, thereby smearing transients. Mogami Platinum utilizes our 100% coverage Ultra High Density spiral copper shield, plus a conductive shield-like layer, with a high performance dielectric. This combination overcomes the problem and, according to Mogami, delivers noise free music transmission and the most neutral, dynamic tone in the industry.
Mogami is famous for its highly flexible cables, and the new Platinum Series instrument cable is a perfect example of the company’s world-class engineering capabilities. With their new Platinum Series cable, Mogami tell us that their engineers have produced a flexible, light weight, larger diameter, very high performance cable without resorting to performance-degrading fillers of any kind and that can dramatically improve guitarist’s sound quality and increase their freedom of movement.
In addition to the technological advantages of the cable itself, the new Mogami Platinum Series instrument cable carries the added benefit of using Neutruk’s NP2C-AU-SILENT connector on the end that physically connects to the guitar (designated by a red jacket). Unlike other silent connectors utilizing a basic mechanical on/off switch, the Neutrik plug uses a reed switch. This reed switch contains a magnetic contact that is hermetically sealed in glass inside a capsule. Because of this isolated, air-free environment, there is no chance of arcing when a connection is made. Without arcing, there’s no wear, no pitting of the contacts and, hence, none of the scraping back and forth that a normal switching contact encounters. Bottom line, there is no pop, and this silent connector has a rated life expectancy of 1 million connections.
According to Wayne Freeman, Mogami’s Director of Sales and Marketing, “The new Mogami Platinum Series instrument cable is a breakthrough product that can dramatically improve the guitarist’s sound. Guitar solos take on an entirely new dimension. This new cable delivers the ‘bite’ and high frequency performance that guitarists have been clamoring for. With the ability to use cables exceeding 40 feet, performers now have greater freedom of movement—without compromising their instrument’s high end performance.�
Pricing and Availability:
The new Mogami Platinum Series instrument cable is available in a number of lengths. MSRP starts at $99.95. More information:

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