SNAMM06: VST Version For Source-Live

Now compatible with Steinberg audio software      22/07/06

SNAMM06: VST Version For Source-Live

Buying Choices
Source-Elements LLC has announced the release of Source-Live for VST making it fully compatible with Steinberg Nuendo and Cubase.
Athan Billias, Director of Marketing for technology products at Yamaha Corporation of America had this to tell us, "On line collaboration and podcasting are two of the hottest trends in music production and the new Source-Live VST allows Cubase and Nuendo users to stream mixes to the Internet directly from their DAW making collaboration and podcasting simpler and quicker."
With Source-Live the output of your audio mix streams to multiple listeners simultaneously in real-time. Simply e-mail listeners a Live-link and they immediately connect to the stream in real time from anywhere in the world via QuickTime. Utilizing the most current AAC/mp4 algorithms, Source-Live provides listeners with true 24 bit audio quality and is 96k sample rate compatible.
Real-time 'listener management' and password protection within the plug-in allows users control of who's listening in on the session. Source-Live's 'Live-to-File' feature makes generating mp4 files and podcasting a snap. In addition to session monitoring, Source-Live can also be used to stream live events to a streaming server for true internet radio capabilities.
John Binder, cofounder of Source Elements had this to say "By ensuring compatability with the VST format, users of Steinberg software can now take full advantage of Source-Live's unique streaming capabilities". Robert Marshall, cofounder of Source Elements added, "a lot of our customers expressed how revolutionary they feel our software is, but want to be able to work inside their software of choice. By making this available for VST, we are addressing our customers' desires".
Source-Live changes the workflow of many productions by eliminating the need to email or ftp audio files for approvals. It allows for real time and interactive approvals, without setting up a complicated streaming server. Everything is taken care of directly within Source-Live.
Owners of Source-Live will be able to customize a browser based QuickTime GUI for branding and advertising opportunities.
Price and Availability
Regularly priced at $ 395 USD, Source Elements has also announced a wide-scale Group Buy that could bring the price to as low as $200.
More information and full-featured trial download:

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