SNAMM06: Cube - The Power Of Three

US Roland introduce three new Cube guitar amps      20/07/06

SNAMM06: Cube - The Power Of Three

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Roland have added three new amps to their Cube range – the 30X, 20X and 15X. All three amps have a new feature called Power Squeezer which Roland say provides maximum sustain without maximum volume. There’s also a mini-jack aux in for playing along to MP3 and CD players and (on the 30X and 20X only) a fully equipped guitar tuner.
Cube 30X Features
  • Powerful COSM onboard
  • Unique Dyna Amp feature
  • New acoustic simulation inherited from BOSS AC-3
  • Power Squeezer fo
  • Onboard tuner
Cube 20X Features
  • Powerful COSM amp-modeling onboard
  • New acoustic simulation inherited from BOSS AC-3
  • Power Squeezer
  • Onboard tuner
Cube 15X Features
  • 15 watts of power
  • High-quality 8" speaker
  • Overdrive, Distortion, and EQ built in
  • Power Squeezer
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