SNAMM06: Remotely Controlled Subwoofer

ADAM Audio is now shipping their new Sub 8 with remote controlled motorized controls      16/07/06

SNAMM06: Remotely Controlled Subwoofer

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ADAM Audio have announced at the show that they are now shipping their new Sub 8, a brand new subwoofer aimed at the project studio market.
The Sub8 is a compact yet powerful subwoofer designed to extend the low end of any near field monitoring system. It houses an 8� woofer with a large 50mm voice coil and is driven by a 160W ICE power amp. The front baffle features two motorized knobs that allow the end user to tailor input level and crossover frequency settings. These knobs can be controlled with an included wireless remote control, enabling the user to optimize its settings without leaving the ideal listening position. The unit also provides an onboard 2.1 bass management system.
Dave Bryce of ADAM Audio USA told us, "The breakthrough price point of the Sub8 will allow many project studio owners to fill out existing monitoring setups by any manufacturer. Plus, the ability to tweak the volume and crossover without leaving the sweet spot is a huge time-saver!"
ADAM tell us that the Sub8 is an ideal match for their other monitors such as the A7, P11A, S1A and S2A. In addition to a traditional black model, ADAM will also offer a silver version that they say will be will be a perfect complement to the Artist desktop monitor.
  • Driver - 215 mm (8“)
  • Free air resonance - 28 Hz
  • Voice coil ø - 50 mm
  • Cone material - coated paper
  • Built in amps - 160 W/240 W
  • Frequency response - ±3dB 28 Hz-150 Hz
  • THD >80Hz - ≤1 %
  • SPL max in 1m - 112 dB SPL
  • Crossover frequency - 50 - 150 Hz
  • Variable Input gain - -40 - +12 dB
  • Phase switch - 0° / 180°
  • Inputs / outputs - balanced XLR + unbalanced RCA
  • Input impedance - 10 kΩ
  • Weight – 26.4 lbs
  • Width x Height x Depth – 10.2" x 16.1" x 14.9"

Price and Availability
The Sub8 is available at ADAM Audio dealers for $699 More information:

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