Queensryche Drummer's Drumtrack Building Toolbox

Audiowarrior announce the Rockenfield Drum Track Builder      10/07/06

Queensryche Drummer's Drumtrack Building Toolbox

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Queensryche Drummer, Grammy nominated Scott Rockenfield, has joined forces with Audiowarrior producer Greg Giametta to lend his 25 years of recording, and world touring experience to create what Audiowarrior tell us is an efficient, easy to use, and indispensable drum track building toolbox.Here’s the details directly from their press release…
Drag & Drop MIDI
Easy Drag & Drop MIDI makes it a breeze to quickly build infinite drum beat possibilities. Compose In Minutes
Scott Rockenfield's REX2 audio files make it incredibly easy to compose and create matching drum parts for any tempo for any song style for anyone in need of 'World-Class' drum tracks ready to drag & drop in any order right from your desktop computer in just MINUTES. Multi-Fader Construction Kit
In addition to the REX2+MIDI files, the library also includes a multi-fader construction kit comprised of individual NNXTs for maximum Dynamics/FX control and routing options. Import Into Pro Tools Or Cubase
This World-Class Reason ReFill ships with matching MIDI files for importing directly into Pro Tools or Cubase and REX2 files that can be tempo flexd' to fit any BPM without altering the pitch right from within Reason's Dr.REX. Up To 30 Slices
Every drum, cymbal, and stick sound is sliced within the beat with up to 30 slices that can be modified simply by typing in the BPM you need for your song. Flexibility For Any Style Or Tempo
Each slice's corresponding MIDI note can be nudged, stretched, or moved anywhere providing a mind boggling degree of flexibility for any style or tempo. 20 Custom Combinators

Virtually Unlimited
The drum parts can be combined with any other drum part from ANY BPM creating a virtually unlimited supply of fresh new sounding material from the same library.
Main Features:
  • 24-bit
  • World Class Drum Beats
  • Recorded with top shelf maple drum kit
  • 20 Custom Combinator Modules
  • Any 2 or 4 bar Rex2 of any BPM can be interchanged with any other creating a virtual infinite number of possibilities.
  • Each Rex2 imported by Dr.Rex has an exact corresponding MIDI file of the same name in the same name BPM folder.
  • Includes both REX and corresponding MIDI files
  • 100% Royalty Free

2 File Team
When using Reason in ReWire mode with another sequencer such as Pro Tools or Cubase, there is a 2 file team that makes this work; 1. A uniquely named BPM REX2 file, 2. A corresponding MIDI file with the same name.
Audition The Beat In Dr.rex
The work flow is so easy. Just audition the beat in Dr.Rex, and if you want to keep it you can click "To Track" to create the MIDI file, or you can import the MIDI file into a sequencer track from the ReFill.
Thinking Outside Of The Refill
Additionally, the MIDI files are provided outside of the ReFill if you decide you'd like to use Reason in ReWire mode in your preferred sequencer.
Price and Availability
Available now
CD- $49 USD, Download $49 USD
CD-EUR49, Download EUR49
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