Ultra Low Jitter Studio Master Clock Shipping

Symetrix ships Lucid GENx192      26/05/06

Ultra Low Jitter Studio Master Clock Shipping

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We previewed it back in January and now Symetrix has announced the official release and first shipments of the Lucid GENx192 Ultra Low Jitter Master Clock. Here's what they have to say about it in their own words:
Touting the lowest jitter specs at an unbelievable price point, the GENx192 is simply the world's most advanced, affordable master clock for your in-home or high-tech recording studio, as well as broadcast studios and digital sound reinforcement systems.
The GENx192 provides ultra low jitter clock via its internal oscillator. It can also distribute an external Word Clock or AES (clock and/or audio) signal via its fourteen outputs. Internally, it can handle the standard sampling frequencies up to 192 kHz. It can distribute external rates between 28 Hz and 216 Hz and even clean up external clocks with JIF(tm) (Jitter Input Filtering) to remove jitter before sending it to the outputs. Its fourteen outputs are split into two groups of seven, each capable of generating an independent multiple of the base frequency. Thus, the unit is capable of generating two different frequencies, such as 96 kHz and 192 kHz, simultaneously providing ultimate flexibility.
Termination problems are not an issue with TS-75, a Word Clock Termination Sensing circuit that indicates proper or improper termination via rear-panel LEDs. This feature will help users resolve one of the most common digital audio problems, a condition that leads to clicks, pops, and other symptoms of incorrect digital sync. Further, the GENx192 handles dropouts for you. If an external clock signal goes away, the GENx192 will simply switch to its internal oscillator and generate a rock solid clock. Dropouts are not a problem for the GENx192 - period.
Dan Gallagher, executive vice president of global sales and marketing had this to say, "The GENx192 sets a new standard in terms of value and performance. The jitter specs, feature set and price will make the GENx192 a leader in the category."
The GENx192 won the Radio Magazine Pick Hit Award at NAB 2006.
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