NAMM06: Yamaha launch USB Mixing Studios

10- and 12-input units include USB connectivity and Cubase LE bundle      21/01/06

NAMM06: Yamaha launch USB Mixing Studios

Buying Choices
Yamaha have launched the MW10 and MW12 USB Mixing Studios, targeted at the musician, AV and home studio hobbyist, as well as educational and worship markets. Yamaha say that these powerful, affordable and versatile music production systems are portable solutions for recording on a computer with the convenience of USB audio and the familiar interface of an analog mixer.
The MW10 and MW12 feature USB connectivity for direct computer audio interfacing, with plug-and-play operation under Windows and Mac OS. A downloadable low latency Audio Stream I/O (ASIO)-compatible driver is also available.
Both units include bundled Steinberg Cubase LE, a cross-platform software that provides a complete solution for audio/MIDI/video playback and notation applications, making the MW10 and MW12, in Yamaha's view, ideal accessories for personal or remote recording, songwriting, production, podcasting, AV applications or even live mixing. Cubase LE contains up to 48 audio tracks, up to 64 MIDI tracks and 40 VST instruments and effects, and is also fully expandable.
  • 10 inputs, including four ultra low noise mix preamps with Phantom power
  • Input channels contain three-band EQ, pan and high pass filters
  • Channels 1 and 2 contain insert I/O.
  • Top-mounted input connections include XLR, 1/4-in. and RCA phono jacks
  • The mix master section includes Aux Send/Stereo Aux return, Stereo Master, Control Room and Headphone outputs.

  • 12 inputs, with six ultra low-noise Phantom powered mic preamps
  • Input channels include 3-band EQ, pan and high pass filters
  • Channels 1 through 4 contain insert I/O
  • Connections include XLR, 1/4-in. and RCA. Two Aux sends (one switchable pre/post fader) provide flexible monitoring while switchable Stereo and groups are available for flexible channel grouping.
  • The mix master section includes Stereo/Aux returns, plus a Stereo 2-Track/USB return with a volume control.

    Athan Billias, director, Technology Products had this to say, “With the MW10 or MW12, you’ve got an extremely versatile interface for recording or mixing—with or without your Computer. With the addition of Cubase LE, that interface becomes a powerful tool: you can easily combine all your different analog, digital, audio, video or MIDI sources; access the world of VST virtual synths and effects; mix everything the way you want to; then record or even print out your final result. Because they’re portable, you can take the MW10 and MW12 anywhere and you’re ready to capture that next moment of inspiration.�
    Price and Availability
    The MW10 (MSRP $249) and MW12 (MSRP $379) are available in February 2006. More info:

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