WNAMM06: Metasonix S-1000 All Valve Synth

US Wretch Machine makes you hurl      20/01/06

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WNAMM06: Metasonix S-1000 All Valve Synth
S-1000 Wretch Machine

Metasonix have a great reputation for making stuff that really screws up your sound. The Metasonix range of valve based effects are hallowed by wealthy sound shapers the world over. New for this show is the all valve S-1000 Wretch Machine (Eric resisting the urge to call it anything more unpleasant), which draws apon Eric's deep knowledge of valve construction. The S-1000 was designed to be the ultimate tube synthesizer, after having made a several custom valve synth for customers with money to burn. Eric predicts that the first models will be leaving the production line shortly and will list for $2500 - which sounds a lot, and is, but Metasonix arent going to compromise, they already have back orders which will keep them busy for months. So if you must have one yourself, you'd better pick up the phone right away. Video Coming Soon
  • 2 independent VCOs
    Made entirely of vacuum and gas-filled tubes
    Range >2 octaves using CV, octave switching allows range from 33 Hz (low C) to more than 2 kHz.
    3 waveforms: thyratron sawtooth, square, and square with suboctave
    VCO2 may free-run or be soft-synced to VCO 1
    Numerous patch points allow enormous flexibility
  • Waveshaper:
    Unique circuit with soft clipper and pulse adder (shapes waveforms from VCOs by adding small pulses to top of waveform at discontinuity)
    Made entirely of vacuum tubes
    Settings: disable, soft-clip only, and soft-clip with pulses added to signal. Latter circuit allows simulation of noise source.
  • Filter:
    Unique multimode circuit allows it to be used as a lowpass, treble/midrange bandpass or bass bandpass filter.
    Continuously variable control allows mixing of filter forms in any proportion. Made entirely of vacuum tubes.
    Range of treble resonance switchable, 400-1700 Hz. Bass resonance tunes from ~100-350 Hz
  • VCA:
    Unique circuit using a pentode tube
    Made entirely of a vacuum tube
    May be modulated with the AR generator only, or with the control voltage generated on modulation bus 2
  • Modulation:
    2 envelope generators, A(S)R and AD, both triggered with input gate signal. Both may be combined on either modulation bus to create ADSR.
    2 independent LFOs, triangle waveform, range <0.3 Hz to more than 5 Hz. 2 modulation buses allow combining the A(S)R, AD, and two LFOs as needed to affect any CV input in the audio circuit (VCO pitch, VCO squarer waveshape, waveshaper pulser, filter tuning).
  • Main CV input controls pitch of both VCOs (Hz/V response). Gate input triggers envelope generators, accepts 0-5v or 0-10v gate voltage. 6AL7 "eye" tube displays status of LFOs and A(S)R control voltages on three separate glowing green bar graphs.
  • Miniature joystick performs multiple jobs: vertical motion affects pitch of both VCOs, horizontal motion affects tuning of filter. Press joystick in to trigger envelopes.
  • Features
    Size: 6U high standard EIA rack mount, 3" depth below rack panel. 11 vacuum/gas tubes. Weight about 20 pounds with AC adapter. Draws 12 volts (AC ONLY) at 3 amps.
  • http://www.metasonix.com

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