MESSE05: Free Software For Broomstick Bass Users

Gift Pack 2 for Broomstick Bass released      07/04/05

MESSE05: Free Software For Broomstick Bass Users
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Bornemark Software, the makers of Broomstick Bass, the virtual bass player Plug-In have anounced the availability of Gift Pack 2 for registered users. Broomstick Bass is the virtual instrument that comes with its own music. Broomstick Bass is fully loaded with easy-to-use bass riffs and grooves and dozens of fine, sampled bass instruments. The user just has to play some chords and listen to Broomstick Bass following the harmonies and intentions. There are loads of patterns for inspiration and composition and a manual mode for playing your own bass lines. Gift Pack 2 contains the following goodies:
  • 12 new, fresh styles. After receiving suggestions from users, the team has done their best too meet several requests.
  • A Hohner Clavinet Pianet DUO - a sampled bass-version of a classic keyboard instrument. This piano is very special, since it contains the solid bass register from the Pianet section and the characteristic string sound from the Clavinet part. Very funky.
  • Moog Taurus Bass Pedal presets 'Tuba' and 'Bass', plus a special sound where the user configurable 'Variable' panel has been used. Very fat, very Moog.
    Broomstick Bass Gift Packs are available free to registered users More info:

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