NAMM: CME Launches Expandable Keyboard Controller Line

Starts at $199.00...      20/01/05

NAMM: CME Launches Expandable Keyboard Controller Line

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Press Release from CME Anaheim, CA, January 20, 2005 - CME (trademark of Central Music Co.) launches their debut product, the UF master keyboard series at NAMM in Anaheim California, January 20-23, 2005. The UF keyboard is the most powerful, multi-function master keyboard in the world. Keyboard players, music producers and computer music fans will enjoy the UF keyboard's fantastic design and innovative functions, and can choose from 49 to 88 keys. It can be used as a synthesizer, a digital piano, a MIDI master keyboard, an electronic organ, or a music production workstation. With its great appearance, superior quality, and professional support, the UF is an outstanding value starting at only $199 (Suggested Street Price). The UF is the world's first Firewire expandable master keyboard. Once you connect the UF with an external tone generator or software synthesizer through the optional Firewire expansion board on its rear panel, you get a powerful and multi-function synthesizer. The Firewire expansion board can also be used for professional digital audio I/O with a computer, turning your UF into a multi-track digital recorder, complete with MIDI, synth, and audio control. For live performance, a single MIDI cable can easily and inexpensively expand your keyboard rig. The UF can control multiple keyboards, synths, or digital pianos, making it much easier to manage your live rig. Weighted Action With weighted hammer action, the 88-note UF8 provides exceptional grand piano feel and control when used with external tone generators or sample playback software. The UF8 also works well for piano education, featuring 2 headphone outputs on the Firewire expansion board designed for teacher and student. Superior Materials Most manufactures utilize plastic materials to make the body section to save the cost where the UF series master keyboards are all manufactured with quality metal bodies for log-lasting durability and a refined look and feel. This attention to quality and detail makes the instrument you are controlling all the more real and enjoyable to play. Plenty of Powerful Controllers The UF keyboard provides 8 knobs, 9 sliders, pitch-bend and modulation wheels - a configuration not available in other products. With the UF series, you can easily control your music in real-time while the control buttons such as REC, PLAY, REW, remotely control the sequencer software in your computer, making your workflow more efficient. What's More The features of UF keyboard also include professional after-touch, breath control interface, which works well for playing orchestral sounds, a USB interface for MIDI data transfer and is self-powered. SSP (Suggested Street Price): UF5: US$199.00 UF6: US$299.00 UF7: US$399.00 UF8: US$499.00 UF Specifications
  • 49/61/76 keys semi-weighted action keyboard with after-touch (UF5/6/7)
  • 88 keys hammer action weighted keyboard with after-touch (UF8)
  • Pitch bend and modulation wheels
  • 8 assignable control knobs, preset functions including Cutoff/Res?Attack/Release/PAN/Reverb/Chorus/Tempo
  • 9 assignable control faders, preset functions including volume for 16 channels and master, and drawbar for organ
  • LED data display, control button including program, transpose, octave, channel, keyboard split
  • Breath control jack, 1 MIDI out port, Sustain pedal and volume pedal jack
  • USB MIDI port, Power can be supplied via USB
  • Win2000/XP and Mac OS X compatible
  • Supports main professional audio/MIDI sequencers
  • Optional Firewire expansion board Firewire Audio Expansion Board Specifications
  • 2 High quality 24bit/192kHz balanced line inputs
  • 2 High quality 24bit/192kHz balanced line outputs
  • 1 Mic in with professional preamp
  • 1 IEEE1394 Firewire interface
  • 1 S/PDIF digital I/O
  • 2 high quality headphone output
  • 1 MIDI IN, OUT, THRU port
  • 1 headphone volume control More info at

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