SNAMM04: A New Juno From Roland

US The JunoD, is radio-ready      23/07/04

SNAMM04: A New Juno From Roland
The JunoD - a Juno for the 21st Century?

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The promise of an addition to the Juno range is bound to get attention. This legendary range from Roland pretty much defined budget polysynths in the 1980s and gave us a few classics - Juno 6, Juno 60 and of course the ever popular Juno 106 (hard to beat the wide pad sounds). The JunoD takes the Juno moniker and budgetary philosophy and bills itself as a competitively priced general purpose synth with great features. It's pretty highly qualified as a controller too, you get Roland's newly improved 61 key keyboard, as they say - it's a step up from previous synths in this price range. D-Beam controller for those arm waving controller moments plus pedal inputs for expression and control. Add to that the 400 phrase.arpeggiator and you just could be cooking what you need. There's 16-parts of multitimbral operation with the option to assign up to two Tones to each part for splitting the keyboard or additional layering. There's 32mb of waveform memory The blurb says they are Radio-Ready, which means highly polished and nicely produced. Those of you familiar with the RS keyboards will be right at home with the way the JunoD works. There's also an included PC/MAC editor for on screen programming. Features
  • Affordable 61-note synthesizer with 64-note polyphony, improved keyboard feel, and GM2 compatibility
  • 768 radio-ready Patches, 22 Rhythm Sets, and 40 Performance memory provided
  • Patches organized in categories such as Piano, Guitar, Orchestra, etc.
  • Two Tones can be assigned to each Patch, and can be split or layered
  • 47 multi-effects, eight reverb types, 8 chorus types
  • Powerful arpeggiator, with 400 phrase/arpeggio templates for instant sonic animation
  • 24 Multi Chord memory for one-finger chord triggering; 32 Rhythm Guide metronome with preset patterns and variations
  • D Beam controller and front-panel control knobs for expressive performance
  • Mac/PC editing software included Available Sept/October
    UK Pricing £399
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