NAMM: show diary day 1

Sonic State arrive in the USA      23/07/04

Buying Choices
Well, here we are again folks... After surviving Delta Airline's in-flight meals the Sonic State team of Andy and Trevor touched down in Cincinnati on Thursday afternoon in time to get to the airport bar before catching the Comair connection to Nashville.

Andy (with hair extension?!?)

Trevor in Cincinnati airport
After settling in at the Best Western...

Yippee! I'm in Nashville
...the next stop was Gibson guitar's party out at the Gibson Custom shop on Massman Drive. What can we say? Great party Gibson!!! Free booze and free food - us impoverished brits had never seen anything like it, go to a party in England and you'd be lucky to get a few peanuts. About 500 people were fed fat juicy steaks. No wonder Gibson have to charge so much for their guitars...

Andy gets frostbite searching for a Corona
Great thing about the Custom Shop was that we got to see where the guitars are made and checked out some new models including the new $8000 Darkness Les Paul and an Andy Warhol model - buy it and you might be famous for 15 minutes. We also bumped into Scotty Moore and James Burton who used to play guitar with some local guy named Elvis.

Trevor with beer and happy as a pig in shite

Darkness Les Paul

Andy meets Andy

Scotty and James and some other dudes
Unfortunately (or fortunately if you don't happen to like southern rock) the live music had to stop for a while as an electrical storm approached the area so we headed back into town to the bars on Broadway where they apparently play both types of music - country and western. After a few bottles of Corona, some stellar entertainment from a chicken picking guitar slinger who just had to be the fastest Telecaster player in the west we headed to the late night shops and tried on a few cowboy hats before the jetlag kicked in and it all went a bit weird. Seeya tomorrow...

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