NAMM: Software Minimoog Announced

Coming to a CPU near you soon      19/01/04

NAMM: Software Minimoog Announced
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One of the nicest sounding and the only official sanctioned Minimoog soft synth has been announced at this years winter NAMM show. Arturia released the Moog Modular V in March 2003 which was well received by press and users alike. We’re currently reviewing the CS-80V a software model of the legendary (both in sound and weight) Yamaha CS-80. The've kindly provided us with an MP3 demo of this soft synth. Click here to listen. The demo was produced by Fabrice Gabriel, more details of his music can be found at The demo contains 11 instances of the Minimoog V, including:
  • Funk bass
  • Techno Kick
  • Chorus pad
  • Techno Bass
  • Wah Clav
  • Syn Snare
  • Gimmick synth
  • Sequenced bass
  • Bips 1
  • Pad
  • Bips 2 Their press release follows: In 1971, at the NAMM Convention, Bob Moog introduced the Minimoog. 33 years later ARTURIA announces the release of Minimoog V, the recreation of what became the most popular synthesizer of all time. Michael Adams, President of Moog Music®, states, “We are happy to once again partner with Arturia on the software development of a classic Moog product. Arturia did a fabulous job with the Moog Modular V, it was a natural extension for them to develop an emulation of the most famous of all Bob’s products, the Minimoog.” Frédéric Brun, Président of Arturia, says “To a lot of musicians, the Minimoog is the Holy Grail of Synthesizers. So I am particularly proud that Arturia is bringing its own recreation of this classic synth in partnership with the people who initiated the legend. For the last 50 years Bob Moog has brought amazing musical instruments and constant innovation, so creating the Minimoog V with the help of his comments and analysis was very exciting.” Offering all the features of the original, the Software version also brings polyphony, MIDI management, preset handling. And taking advantage of modern tools, additional functions are hidden beyond the control panels: a modulation matrix, a LFO, an arpeggiator, a chorus and a delay. What about the core of the Minimoog V, the Sound? Thanks to TAE®, Arturia’s proprietary technology for emulating analog circuits, the Minimoog V offers an unchallenged quality of sound. Sharp filters, aliasing-free oscillators, soft-clipping limitations guarantee that you have the best emulation (ever) released on the market. With more than 400 presets, made by some of the most talented Minimoog users, the Minimoog V is certainly an instrument which is going to bring a lot to your musical palette. Platforms
  • Windows: Windows 95 / 98 / ME / 2000 / XP
  • Mac OS X: Mac OS X.2 or higher Required minimum configuration
  • PC / Windows: 128 Mbytes RAM - 500 MHz processor
  • Mac OS 9: 128 Mbytes RAM - 500 MHz processor
  • Mac OS X: 128 Mbytes RAM - 500 MHz processor
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