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16 news products priced to scare their competitors      16/01/04

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We given coverage elsewhere to some of Behringers new USB controllers but there were 14 other product releases at the NAMM show. A short summary of these follows, they are all bound to be keenly priced. 5 Powered Mixers providing compact power amplification and high quality audio mixing functions. They all have 24 bit digital effects onboard, feedback detection and a stereo 7 band graphic EQ. The other features by model follow: The PMX5000 offers 2x400W output with a 20 channel mixer and12 mic preamps. The PMX3000 has 2x400W output, 16 channel mixer and 8 mic preamps. The PMX1000 has 2x300W output, 12 channel mixer and 6 mic preamps. The PMX880S is a box type powered mixer, 2x400W output, 10 channel mixer and 8 mic preamps. The PMX660M is also a box type mixer, 2x300W output, 8 channel mixer and 6 mic preamps. The V-Verb Pro REV2496 is a 24-bit, 96kHz dual engine reverb modeller that simulate a range of well know reverb units.It offers 4 channel operation at 96kHz without limitations. I t has the normal analogue (XLR and ¼” TRS connectors) and digital IO (AES/EBU and Optical S/PDIF). Behringer have released 3 more audio mixers, 2 in the SL range (SL3242FX-PRO with 24 channels and the SL3242FX-PRO with 32 channels) and 1 in the UB range, the UB1222FX-PRO with 12 input channels. The B-control Audio BCA2000 is a USB 2.0 multi channel audio + midi interface due to be release in Q2 this year. It has 1 MIDI in and 2 MIDI outs, 3 analogue inputs with 24 bit, 96 kHz DACs. It has a full selection of Digital IO’s (ADAT, ADAT S/MUX, AES/EBU, and S/PDIF. The combination of analogue and digital IO’s gives it 8 in and out simultaneously. With a Microphone Pre-amp (Tube Ultra Gain MIC200), 2 new studio monitors and a light controller Behringer have again produced a large batch of new products for the NAMM show.

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