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Lock up your DAWters with LFO sync templates      17/10/03

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Of all the many wonderful control features in Logic, having rhythmic templates you can quickly turn into Logic Track Automation data isn’t one of them. Or rather it wasn’t until now. GridLok, from electronic music producer Majool in conjunction with MIDI sample specialists Keyfax NewMedia, is a series of 260 "Tempo-synced Automation LFOs” that load into Logic in a single file, enabling you to create sample-accurate automation data from an almost limitless series of rhythmic MIDI CC templates. From whole notes to 192nd notes, dotted and triplet values, in six different waveform shapes (Square, Saw, Triangle and 3 Curves) all with ON and OFF variations (127-0 or 0-127), each automation node is "Smart-Doubled" (two ticks, one tick apart) so that you can easily copy, paste and combine files. By copying and pasting different GridLok templates together and taking advantage of Logic's powerful event transform functions you can easily create your own interesting groove templates to suit your automation needs making this not only a huge time saver but also a highly creative tool. To get the creative juices flowing GridLok comes loaded with 20 groove templates to tweak even the most simple of sounds into a complex and rhythmically dynamic tone color. Some top name electronic music producers have already embraced GridLok. UK’s Dave Tipper says it’s “A must for any musician/engineer using automation,” while iconoclast Si Begg proclaims “It’s almost like adding tempo-matched oscillators and LFOs to your fave plug-ins. A lot of fun, and a massive time-saver. Meanwhile Californian producer Kenji Williams says GridLok is “something I’ve wanted for a long time….” enabling him to “combine already programmed rhythms and wave data to create further new, complex, intricate patterns, rhythms, and effects.” A wide variety of support material on GridLok, including a digital video demo digital video demo embedded into Flash, MP3 audio, and a detailed description of the product and how it functions on different Logic platforms and versions can be found at
  • www.keyfax.com. GridLok is available by digital download exclusively at www.keyfax.com price $39.95.


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