Novation Add Audio To Remote 25

And call it the Remote 25 Audio no less      16/09/03

Novation Add Audio To Remote 25
Remote 25 Audio - altogether now

It hardly seems like any time at all since we were announcing the latest unit from Novation in the form of the Remote 25 USB/MIDI controller (see previous item +video). Novation have obviously not been resting on their laurels, or whatever it is that they rest on in that part of the world, as they have just announced the Remote 25 Audio. Featuring a 2 channel 24-bit interface alongside the MIDI functions of the original Remote 25, you get a pair of Mic/Line inputs, two outputs plus headphone outs and an additional SPDIF output. The audio interface boasts on-board DSP, providing effects (delay, reverb, chorus, compression, distortion and EQ). The effects, can either be used as monitor only or recorded to your computer as part of the signal, and whats more it's BUS powered. The control and MIDI part of the Remote 25 Audio has also been redesigned to mirror a standard Analog subtractive synth, with parameters labelled accordingly - eg Filter Cutoff, envelope 1 + 2 etc. Additional overlay templates are available to suit your setup. Keep your eyes peeled for a review here shortly. Features
  • Virtual synthesizer control panel layout - all controls assignable
  • Pitch bend, programmable mod wheel joystick
  • Portable - can be powered via Batteries, USB or PSU Batteries auto
  • Program storage for over 50 electronic templates factory preset for packages including Reason, Native Instruments
  • Plug-Ins, Cubase, Logic, Sonar, Live 2 etc.
  • Two octave semi-weighted high quality aftertouch responsive Keyboard
  • Programmable X/Y touch pad surface AUDIO SECTION
  • Zero latency headphone monitoring
  • 44.1 / 48 Khz 24 bit simultaneous 2 channel Audio I/O
  • Dual low noise, high bandwidth audio pre-amps with phantom power & >70 dB headroom
  • Multi-FX processor per input with simultaneous
    Reverb / Chorus-Phaser / Delay / Compressor / Distortion and EQ
  • Integrated USB low latency Audio and MIDI Check out the Novation website for more details and larger images:
  • Here


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