NAMM: ProTools 6.0 Piles Up Features

US OSX, XP and LE support      25/01/03

Digidesign too are aiming for the bix 6.0 (see Emagic). Their latest update is accross the board with both ProTools|HD and ProTools LE getting the treatment. Version 6 brings various enhancements not least in the MIDI department, including full support for Mac OS X's Core MIDI Services. MIDI Time Stamping (MTS) support provides sample-accurate MIDI with Pro Tools-compatible software synths and samplers, eliminating the possibility of compromised sync and drift issues. Also, you can take advantage of up to sub-millisecond-accurate MIDI with Digidesign's MIDI I/O and other supported MTS-capable interfaces. Digidesign's own Beat Detective, the excellent beat and groove maniplation tool gets a revamp too, with the new Beat Detective functionality, you can extract and generate DigiGroove templates based on audio performances and utilize both the timing and the dynamics of passages elsewhere in your composition. These DigiGroove templates are also compatible with new Feel Injector templates from Numerical Sound. Pro Tools 6.0's MIDI implementation also features a new Restore Performance function, enabling you to return to an original MIDI-based performance at any time. Working in this non-destructive manner, you can experiment unhindered with the assurance that you can always recover from adjustments made during the course of your project. Of course, if you've settled on changes, the Flatten Performance feature solidifies your edits and gives you a new, permanent basis from which to proceed. Pro Tools TDM systems now support TDM and RTAS plug-in instancing on-the-fly (during playback). There are several additional plug-ins included with Pro Tools 6.0, including the new, sample-accurate Click plug-in. In addition, Digidesign's DPP-1 (TDM only) and D-fx plug-ins are now featured as part of the DigiRack plug-in suite included with Pro Tools. What's more, select plug-ins can now accept broadcast tempo data, making it easier than ever to synchronize effects to the tempo of your session. With Pro Tools 6.0, you can now import any track attributes from one session into another. Specifically, you can choose to import any combination of track data, including audio playlists, click to enlarge MIDI playlists, mixer automation, routing assignments, plug-in instances/settings, and plug-in automation. Plus, you can choose to replace or overlay the data in relation to your existing session. More for LEss
In version 6.0 software, Pro Tools LE owners can look forward to several new features that were previously available only on Pro Tools TDM systems. Specifically, Pro Tools LE 6.0 supports Command Focus Mode, making a host of powerful editing operations available via single key shortcuts. Pro Tools LE now also includes the Time Compression/Expansion (TC/E) trim tool, making time compressing and expanding regions simpler and faster than ever. Finally, another welcome addition to Pro Tools LE software is support for automatic and manual deactivation of tracks, providing more voice management flexibility and greatly increased session portability between Pro Tools TDM and LE systems. New too, that Windows XP users will also be benefiting from the new features although not straight away - OSX users can expect their upgrades in around 30days and Win XP coming in mid 2003. The upgrade, a chargeable one, is priced at $75 for LE users and $195 for TDM users For a full run-down of the new features:
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