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24 analog i/o at 24-bit 96Khz - in 1U!      23/10/02

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Motu continue expansion of the PCI-424 core system with the latest new interface. The 24i/o is a single rack-space 96 kHz audio interface for Macintosh and Windows personal computers. The 24i/o provides 24 balanced quarter-inch (TRS) 96 kHz analog inputs and outputs in a single rack-space enclosure. A 24i/o core system ($1,495) includes MOTU's second generation PCI-424 card, which provides expansion up to 96 inputs/outputs, DSP­driven mixing and monitoring, legacy I/O support, and on-board SMPTE synchronization. The 24i/o rack interface, which will also be sold separately as an expansion I/O ($1,195) for any MOTU PCI-424 system (such as MOTU's new 2408mk3), provides 5-segment front-panel meters for every input and output and software-switchable (-10/+4) analog input levels. "With the astonishing speed of today's computers, native audio workstations offer unprecedented value and performance," said Jim Cooper, Director of Marketing at MOTU. "But until now, there hasn't been an affordable way for native workstation users to manage a large number of analog inputs in their host-based audio software without monitoring latency or computer performance issues. The 24i/o finally allows native-based studios to affordably and effectively merge external gear - synths, samplers, drum machines, even outboard effects processors - with the virtual world of their favorite audio workstation software to create a unified system controlled entirely from their computer desktop." The rear panel of the 24i/o rack-mount interface provides 24 quarter-inch balanced TRS analog inputs and 24 quarter-inch balanced TRS analog outputs (a total of 48 connectors). The 24 inputs are software switchable (in three banks of eight) between -10 or +4 dB input levels. All inputs and outputs support operation at 44.1, 48, 88.2 or 96 kHz. Word clock input/output is also provided on a single BNC connector that is switchable via software. Enhanced PCI-424 card offers expansion to 96 channels
A 24i/o core system includes the PCI-424, the same enhanced PCI audio interface card introduced earlier this year with MOTU's new 2408mk3. The PCI-424 card adds a fourth Audio Wire port that allows users to connect up to four MOTU audio interfaces to the computer. At 24 channels each, a fully expanded 24i/o system provides 96 simultaneously active input and output connections at 96 kHz. CueMix DSP The 24i/o's PCI­424 card features CueMix DSP�, a flexible DSP-driven mixing and monitoring matrix that provides the same near-zero monitoring latency as today¹s latest digital mixers. CueMix DSP� allows 24i/o users to connect keyboards, synth modules, drum machines, and even effects processors and then monitor these live inputs with no audible delay and no processor drain on the host computer¹s CPU. The CueMix DSP engine resides on the PCI­424 card, so it works across all interfaces connected to the card. The included CueMix Console software provides an on-screen mixer that gives users hands-on control of their monitor mix, regardless of what audio software they prefer to use. For example, a user could connect a Lexicon reverb to the 24i/o and use the CueMix software to route input from a microphone and other live inputs sources to the reverb, just like a send-return loop with a conventional digital mixer. CueMix DSP completely eliminates the buffer latency associated with monitoring live inputs in host-based recording systems. Mix and match with the 2408mk3 and PCI-324 audio interfaces
24i/o users can connect any MOTU PCI audio interface to their PCI-424 card, including the new 2408mk3, as well as all legacy PCI-324 interfaces (the original 2408, 2408mkII, 1296, 1224, 24i and 308). Legacy interfaces can take full advantage of the PCI-424¹s new CueMix DSP near-zero latency monitoring. On-board SMPTE synchronization
Like the 2408mk3, the 24i/o provides on-board SMPTE time code synchronization features. These features allow users to slave their 24i/o system to SMPTE time code (via any input) without a dedicated synchronizer. The PCI­424 card provides a DSP-driven phase-lock engine with sophisticated filtering that provides fast lockup times and sub-frame accuracy. Additional Feature highlights
  • Cable length of up to 50 feet ­ The 24i/o audio interface connects to the PCI­424 card, installed in the computer, via a standard 6-pin IEEE 1394 cable. The PCI­424 supports cable lengths of up to 50 feet. Long cable runs such as this are often necessary in studios where the computer is housed in a separate room than the rack­mounted 24i/o audio interface. The 24i/o ships with a 15-foot cable.
  • Five-segment metering for all analog inputs/outputs ­ The 24i/o front-panel provides dedicated five-segment level meters for every analog input and output.
  • Across-the-board software compatibility ‹ the 24i/o ships with a complete set of drivers for Macintosh and Windows 98SE/Me/2K/XP and it is compatible with virtually all audio software on both platforms.
  • AudioDesk software ­ A 24i/o core system includes AudioDesk, MOTU¹s sample­accurate workstation software for Mac OS with 24-bit recording/editing and 32-bit automated mixing, processing and mastering. The MOTU 24i/o is expected to ship in the fourth quarter of 2002.


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