First Kontakt For Mac Imminent

Much awaited uber-sampler coming to a Mac near you      16/08/02

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You may recall our delight at the preview we had of the Native Instruments' ground breaking sampler/synthesis software at the Winter NAMM show. Released for PC first, Kontakt offers many new features for the samplists amongst us. Read the full story here NATIVE INSTRUMENTS is happy to announce that the Mac version of KONTAKT will be shipping by the end of August 2002. The new product version 1.1 will include a Hybrid CD containing both the Mac and the PC installer. Customers who have already purchased the PC version of KONTAKT will be able to download a free crossgrade from NI's website. The KONTAKT 1.1 Mac release and PC update also introduces some exciting additions to the current functionality, such as EXS, HALion, and SDII file import, a greatly improved auto-search function and other enhancements. Additionally, NATIVE INSTRUMENTS is developing EMU (EIII, ESI and EIV)import which will be available later this year. The recommended retail price of KONTAKT is $399/399 Euro. As part of an aggressive marketing campaign the Natives will offer a crossgrade for all registered HALion, EXS, and Gigastudio users who want to take advantage of KONTAKT's ease-of-use, semi-modular architecture, realtime time-stretching and resynthesis, graphical breakpoint envelopes, analog-modelled filters, excellent sound, and outstanding efficiency. The upcoming KONTAKT 1.1 Mac release and PC update adds direct import of HALion, EXS, and SDII files, making it easy to switch. In combination with the existing support of the Gigasampler, AKAI, Sound Font, and BATTERY formats, KONTAKT can now open just about any sample library. The import functionality for EMU files (EIII, ESI, and EIV) will be added later this year. The crossgrade offer is available to owners of the following applications:
  • Emagic EXS24, EXSP24
  • Steinberg HALion
  • Tascam GigaStudio 32, GigaStudio 96, GigaStudio 160
  • Tascam GigaSampler 64 The crossgrade will cost $229/229 Euro and is available from September 1st, 2002. All crossgrade customers are welcome to keep their previous sampler software. More information about the crossgrade can be found at General information about KONTAKT can be found at


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