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For the UK and Ireland      23/05/02

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If you didn't already know - decent A/D and D/A convertors can make all the difference to your sound, Apogee make some of the (some say THE best) finest convertors money can buy. Arbiter Group PLC have just been announced as the new UK and Ireland distributor.
Speaking at the recent AES show in Munich:
"Arbiter Group is the largest distributor of music and audio equipment in Europe," said Apogee's co-founder and CEO, Betty Bennett, at the signing of the distribution agreement last Wednesday, "and they have a particularly strong professional audio division," she went on. "The British market is a particularly sophisticated and knowledgeable one, and it's important that our distributor fully understands the products and can help dealers recognize Apogee's unique benefits," she said. "We are confident that Arbiter will significantly strengthen our position in the UK and Ireland. In addition, Arbiter already handles Steinberg, which is particularly appropriate in view of our strong collaboration with Steinberg on the NativeTools package." NativeTools combines Apogee high-resolution A/D and D/A converters with Steinberg's Nuendo software to create a complete solution in one box. “We are extremely excited to have been able to add Apogee to our existing product line”, commented Mark Hosking from the Arbiter Group. “Their reputation is second to none in the professional recording industry and we look forward to being able to supply our customers with the best analogue to digital conversion tools available. As more and more professional recordings are made in the digital domain we must ensure that the critical analogue to digital conversion stage is carried out with the highest quality equipment possible and Apogee is the one name professionals can turn to with confidence.” Apogee Products

Apogee's award-winning Trak2 is a reference-standard microphone preamplifier/conversion system incorporating balanced sends, balanced returns, auxiliary universal 1/4 in/XLR front panel inputs, 24-bit/96kHz analog to digital conversion,8-channel architecture, two AMBus digital I/O slots, a built-in AES-S/PDIF digital output, word clock I/O, comprehensive peak/average/phase metering, graphics/text LCD display, easily navigated front panel controls, a communications port enabling remote operation via MIDI and/or RS-232 plus firmware upgrades via the Internet, optional video synchronization, optional two channel 24-bit/96kHz D/A, optional eight channel 24-bit/96kHz D/A. AD-8000
The Apogee AD-8000 takes digital conversion to a whole new level. It's a true eight channel, 24-bit converter, with 114 dB dynamic range and all the features you need for truly outstanding, great-sounding, world-class recordings, whether you own the biggest studio in town, a leading post-production facility, or simply have a project setup in your back room. The AD-8000 incorporates Apogee's acclaimed UV22 process for translating high-resolution digital audio to 16 or 20 bits without quality loss; and Soft Limit® to add extra level to your recordings without overs. Both are selectable on a per-channel basis. The AD-8000 includes flexible, accurate bar-graph metering with six different modes, including simultaneous peak and average reading and 2-second or infinite peak hold. Numeric "over" indication can be configured to trigger at 1, 2, 3 or 4 consecutive full-scale digital samples, and to reset the over count automatically after 15 seconds. The metering system also incorporates a calibration mode accurate to within ±0.05 dB. PSX-100
The PSX-100 takes Apogee's digital audio conversion expertise to a new level of quality and performance. It represents our first high-sample-rate converter, offering 24-bit resolution at 88.2 and 96kHz sampling rates in addition to 44.1 and 48 kHz. The PSX-100 includes built-in interfaces for ADAT, TDIF, S/PDIF coax and optical plus multiple AES/EBU. Other features include Apogee's UV22 word-length reduction system, and Soft Limit® for maximum A/D level without overs. An auxiliary AES output allows a full- resolution output to be supplied, even when UV22 is in use on the main outputs. The wide range of standard interfaces provided, including multiple AES I/O ports, allows the unit to be used for signal distribution and format conversion as well as for A/D and D/A applications. The inclusion of 88.2 and 96kHz sample rates makes the PSX-100 ideal for such applications as mastering high-resolution CDs utilizing 88.2kHz sampling, or for DVD-Audio masters sampled at 96kHz with 24-bit resolution. Meanwhile, the inclusion of UV22 to reduce the word length from 24 to 20 or 16 bits makes the unit equally suitable for traditional 16-bit CD mastering or for DVD-Video soundtracks requiring 20-bit signals sampled at 48 kHz. AD-16 and DA-16
Apogee’s new AD-16 is a 16-channel 24-bit A/D converter, operating at sample rates up to 96 kHz. The system offers ADAT optical output for compatibility with a wide range of digital audio systems, and can sync to word clock (using the same powerful 2-stage reclocking system utilized in the DA-16 "IntelliDAC"), or its own internal high-stability clock. Word Clock output is also provided. For the first time in an Apogee A/D conversion system, the AD-16 supports the Sonorus S/MUX specification for sample-splitting of high sample-rate audio data into multiple ADAT-style optical interfaces. Additional light-pipe outputs are provided to deliver up to 96 kHz digital audio from all 16 channels in this mode. A special port is also provided for future expansion. Designed for the latest hard-disk recording systems, the DA-16 'IntelliDAC' offers 16 channels of Apogee quality at an exceptionally affordable price, handling 24-bit D/A conversion at sample rates up to 96 kHz. The converters can source their digital input from either AES/EBU, ADAT optical or TDIF sources, and the unit can sync to word clock or a specified input. ADAT and TDIF inputs are organized into two groups of eight, and channels 1-8 and 9-16 can have different sources. In addition, the light-pipe inputs accept the Sonorus S/MUX protocol for sample-splitting high-resolution signals into optical interfaces, allowing access to all 16 channels -the first time this protocol has been included on an Apogee converter. ROSETTA AD
The feature set of the Rosetta AD has been carefully tailored to project studio requirements. You won't pay for extensive features you'll never use: we carefully researched exactly what facilities you need and expect from an outboard A/D converter and deliver them in an affordable, compact, 1U rack-mount package. The Rosetta AD features analog inputs operating at pro or consumer levels, balanced or unbalanced. The highest quality Apogee 24-bit conversion, at 44.1 and 48 kHz sample rates (standard version) or 44.1<96 kHz (high-density version), feeds two AES/EBU outputs so you can feed two machines at once. In addition, ADAT, TDIF, and S/PDIF coax/optical interfaces are all built-in!
  • Trak 2 £ 2,795.00
  • AD-16 £ 2,295.00
  • AD-8000 £ 3,695.00
  • DA-16 £ 2,295.00
  • PSX-100 £ 2,195.00
  • Rosetta AD £ 995.00 (48k) / £ 1,095.00 (96k) All prices exclude VAT at current rate For more info and pictures:
  • Exclusive UK distribution by: Arbiter Group PLC
    Wilberforce Road, London NW9 6AX
    T: 020 8970 1909 F: 020 8202 7076
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