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Sonic Foundry announced a new version of Sound Forge, the company's award-winning professional digital audio editing and mastering system. Sound Forge 6.0 includes many new powerful features and enhancements including, nondestructive audio editing, multitask background rendering, user interface enhancements and new video render options. Sound Forge has become the industry-standard for audio editing, audio recording, effects processing and media encoding. It is used worldwide for audio and multimedia production in leading recording studios, production houses, broadcast production facilities, home studios, radio stations and training facilities. Sound Forge 6.0 includes an extensive set of customizable audio processes, effects and tools for manipulating audio and media, and supports a wide range of file and audio/video compression formats, including streaming audio and video media for the Web. "Sound Forge 6.0 continues to set the standard for professional digital audio editing and media production on the PC," said Brad Reinke, general manager and senior vice president for Sonic Foundry product software.
"This year marks the 10th anniversary of Sound Forge, and with this release, we continue to provide users with even more speed and power in the creation of their professional projects. From fast, nondestructive editing to the new video import and render options, Sound Forge offers the most intuitive and efficient digital audio editing environment available for media professionals worldwide." New Features in Sound Forge 6.0 include:
  • Nonndestructive Audio Editing - Users can create a clean, professional-sounding final product now with lightning-fast precision.
  • Multitask Background Rendering - Continue production on one file while Sound Forge processes another in the background.
  • New DirectX┬« Plug-in Manager - Sound Forge 6.0 features a new plug-in manager that allows users to sort, arrange and customize audio effects plug-ins with ease.
  • Enhanced Time Zoom (24:1) - Allows users to perform precise sample-level editing.
  • New Video Render Options - Includes high-quality video resizing, resample source video and stretch to fill frame.
  • Full Support for 4GB + Files - Sound Forge 6.0 now supports files of all sizes, as long as the user's file system supports them (NTFS file system).
  • FREE Vegas Video LE 3.0 Multitrack - Sound Forge6.0 includes a FREE lite edition of Vegas Video 3.0 (Vegas Video LE), Sonic Foundry's professional multitrack digital video editor. The MSRP for Sound Forge 6.0 is $499.95 but it is offered direct from Sonic Foundry for $399.96 as a download, $449.95 for boxed product or from select retail stores nationwide. Registered users of Sound Forge 5.0 can upgrade direct from Sonic Foundry for only $149.95. Product to ship mid-May 2002. For a complete list of the new features in Sound Forge 6.0, refer to the company Web site at:

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