N.I. Starts New Reaktor

Native's modular hits version 3.0      06/08/01

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Native Instruments have released REAKTOR 3, the new version of its modular software for synthesis, sampling and effects processing. REAKTOR 3 offers optimized performance, a redesigned user interface and many new functions and modules. "We listened to our customers and implemented many of the features they were requesting", explains Stephan Schmitt, Technical Director of NI. "Among them are Akai sample import and MP3 playback as well as compatibility with the DXi plug-in interface and direct-to-disk recording. But the most obvious benefits result from the optimized audio engine and the redesigned user interface." Product Information: REAKTOR 3 REAKTOR is a complete sound design studio with almost endless possibilities for producing and performing music. High quality signal processing algorithms and the 32-bit floating point precision of REAKTOR's audio engine guarantee sound quality of the highest standard. The steadily growing REAKTOR libraries contain hundreds of different instruments with thousands of presets for incredible sound generation and audio processing possibilities. Since everything is completely modular in REAKTOR, any instrument can be modified or completely redesigned. REAKTOR 3 features an optimized audio engine with increased performance on all computers and supports the SSE and AltiVec instruction sets on PIII and G4 processors. The completely redesigned user interface offers new and more flexible panel-elements, the option to chose the panel colour, an improved handling of the dialogues for module properties and snapshots properties drag & drop for files. REAKTOR 3 supports many interfaces including DXi . In addition the new tape deck is capable of reading and writing audio files (it can even read MP3s) directly to and from disk, while Akai samples can be read from CD.There are a number of new modules in REAKTOR 3 including a new granular synthesis module, which allows extreme sample manipulations and a powerful event storage module offering a much extended sequencing support and modules which support graphical editing of waveforms and shapes. The range of filters will be extended with new filter types.. Support for a network communication protocol (based on OSC) has been implemented allowing high-speed data transmission between computers. REAKTOR 3 is priced at $ 499.
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