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US The new SP-505 Groove Sampling Workstation offers time slice and chop functions      20/07/01

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Nashville, July 20, 2001 — BOSS announced the SP-505 Groove Sampling Workstation. The compact SP-505 offers powerful sample editing functions found primarily in software and expensive samplers—like Sample Chop for dividing loops into individual drum hits and creating new loops, plus graphic wave editing and automatic BPM sync. And with onboard sequencing and effects, the SP-505 is a powerful new production tool for modern music-making. The SP-505 incorporates a new Sample Chop feature which divides loops into individual parts and maps them to the pads. From there, users can reconstruct a groove by playing slices like a drum machine while recording to the 15,000-note Pattern Sequencer—complete with adjustable swing. A BPM Sync function makes it possible to match the tempo of up to 16 phrases with a single command. The SP-505’s 16 sample pads can store up to 250 samples which can be played back with 8-note polyphony. Out of the box, users get 124 seconds of high-quality mono sampling (62 seconds stereo), while an optional SmartMedia card provides up to 66 minutes* of recording and the ability to import .WAV/AIFF files. Samples can be pitched like a keyboard and edited graphically on the LCD; users can also cut or boost the level of a specified range within the waveform. The SP-505’s 26 onboard effects include Vinyl Simulator, Isolator and reverb algorithms, plus powerful Filter+Drive, Slicer, Tape Echo and more—all of which can be controlled in real time using three knobs and even re-sampled to another pad. And with a choice of Mic, Line or coaxial/optical digital inputs, the SP-505 can sample virtually anything from CDs to microphones and synths. The SP-505 also includes onboard ROM Tones such as synths, drums and basses which can be played without using sample memory.
  • Price expected at around £499 (+/-$699)
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