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US      02/07/01

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Cakewalk enter the extremely competive Sample CD market - are these CDs good enough to stand out? We'll try and get hold of copies for review and let y'all know. (In the meantime, don't forget to check out the Sonic Shack, for all your Sample CD needs - at Press Release from Cakewalk (Sonic State warning; may contain corporate bias, superlatives ; ) ) June 26, 2001 -- Cakewalk, developer of music and sound software for Windows, has released the first three audio loop CD titles in its new line of Cakewalk Loops. Each Cakewalk Loops CD collection contains ACIDized audio loops that can be used in SONAR, ACID, and other ACID-compatible audio software programs. Cakewalk Loops CDs are created by special arrangement with a number of leading producers and musicians to bring royalty-free, audio content that span many genres. Cakewalk Loops are optimized to work with SONAR, Cakewalk’s digital multitrack recording system for Windows, which was released earlier this year. Cakewalk Loops can be imported into SONAR or any other ACID-compatible software product, and can be modified to match the tempo or key of any existing music project. About the Cakewalk Loops CDs: X-Mix Studio Loops: X-Treme Dance and Hip Hop Loops X-Mix is known the world over as the leading producer of major-label club remixes. Now X-Mix is making available the same samples they used to remix some of the most popular tracks ever available to dance clubs, for artists like Puff Daddy, Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, Tori Amos, New Order and others. Smart Loops: Rockit Fuel From Smart Loops comes the Rockit Fuel collection. Rockit Fuel is an organic, “real feel” Pop/Rock/Funk loop collection that can easily be incorporated into many styles of music. Smart Loops has specially designed these Drum, Percussion, Bass, and Guitar loops to allow for the creation of authentic sounding tracks where hundreds of loops can be mixed and matched to capture the subtleties and nuances of human performance PowerFX: In Your Face FX In Your Face FX offers a new generation in sound effects. Each sound is designed and produced to give musicians and producers the extra impact that is needed to be viable in today’s competitive radio, television and film markets. All sounds are recorded, processed and mastered entirely in the digital domain. Effects genres include Sci Fi, Atmosphere, Machines, DJ FX, and more. Produced by renowned European loop producers PowerFX. Cakewalk has plans to release additional Cakewalk Loops CDs this year and beyond. Pricing and Availability All three Cakewalk Loops CDs have a suggested retail price of $89, and are now available.
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