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512i Digital promises 'virtual sound landscape'.      20/12/00

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December 20, 2000 -- The SoundSystem 512i digital from the soundcard specialists TerraTec Electronic is now available. Modern Games, music processing, MP3 playback or even sending DVD audio formats to an external Dolby Digital Decoder – no problem, the 512i digital offers something for all wishes. For the gamers out there, four speakers can be connected. Together with the integrated Q3D‚ software – including EAX, A3D and DirectSound 3D support – the user is plunged directly into a virtual sound landscape. Another highlight of this board: using the optical digital out port to record to external devices like MiniDisc or DAT recorders without quality loss with a sample rate of 48KHz. But recording with CD standard 44.1KHz is still possible thanks to the built-in sample rate converter (SRC). Those who have a software DVD player can also send AC3 or DTS audio data to an external decoder. The SoundSystem 512i can also be used to produce music on the PC. With the S-YXG50 software from Yamaha‚ this package offers a true-to-the-name wavetable synthesizer with up to 128 voices. The excellent signal to noise reduction provides recording quality on a higher Niveau, and there are various possibilities. As well as the connecters for internal PC devices like CD audio, AUX and TAD, the Line In and Microphone input are found externally. So that headphones receive a powerful sound level, the Line Out Front is equipped with an amplifier. The various signals come together in the card's own Control Panel, where all the necessary settings can be managed. Further software features: With Musicmatch Jukebox you can create MP3 files and edit them. Or compose songs easily with the audio/MIDI sequencer Logic Fun from Emagic. Drivers for Windows 95/98, NT4, ME and Windows 2000 are included in the package as well as a two year warranty period.


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