Bold claims by US filter company

US TS-22 Pentode Filterbank by Metasonix materialises      24/10/00

Metasonix has released what it claims is 'the only filter made for music'. The TS-22 is a 'unique and distinctive' all-tube (non-US, read: valves) device consisting of four bandpass filters, wired in parallel and driven by a special optocircuit, so that they sweep simultaneously. The filters sweep a one-octave range, and are offset from each other by one octave, starting at A=55Hz (that's three octaves down from concert pitch). Each filter in the TS-22 has its individual tune knob--each calibrated in equally-tempered intervals, from A to A, and each has its own resonance control. The final output tube is usable as a VCA, optionally. 'By using the TS-22 with our TS-21 and (soon to come) TS-23,' says the company - not mentioning what those devices are - 'it's possible to build a complete synthesizer voice, of great complexity and all-tube construction, insuring a totally different sound from what you've experienced before.' The TS-22 comes in a 2U rack box. No price was included with the press release, but you can speculate that it costs a bloody fortune...
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