Bitheadz announce Voodoo 1.2

Apple G4 support + more polyphony...      08/06/00

BITHEADZ RELEASES VERSION 1.2 OF THE VOODOO SOFTWARE MIDI DRUM MACHINE Capitola, CA- BitHeadz, Inc., the award winning manufacturer of software synthesizers, today released Version 1.2 of the Voodoo Software MIDI Drum Machine that combines sampling, synthesis, and MIDI sequencing into one package designed for rhythm programming. Version 1.2 includes optimization for Apple's G4 processor providing Voodoo users with expanded polyphony, higher resolution effects, and improved performance of the application. Voodoo 1.2 also supports the Digidesign DirectConnect plug-in format for Pro Tools users. DirectConnect allows the audio output of Voodoo to be streamed directly to the Pro Tools mixing environment for total control over all mixing parameters. DirectConnect is free and is now available for both Pro Tools Mix and Pro Tools LE systems. "With the release of Version 1.2, Voodoo users can now take full advantage of faster Apple computers and high quality digital audio hardware from Digidesign" says Director of Sales, Earl Sondreal. "This added compatibility makes Voodoo a very powerful solution for software-based drum synthesis and sequencing." In addition to these features Voodoo can now remap up to eight MIDI controller assignments and redirect it's audio output to discrete channels for ASIO and Direct I/O devices. Voodoo supports ASIO, Direct I/O, MAS, ReWire, DirectConnect, and Sound Manager and is fully compatible with the BitHeadz Unity DS-1 software sampler. A Windows release of Voodoo is is expected to ship in Q3, 2000.


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