Nord Modular & Micro Modular V3.0

US      03/10/99

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After 1.5 years, three hardware models and three software upgrades, Clavia reveals another powerful upgrade: Nord Modular and Micro Modular V3.0 OS and Editor software for Macintosh and PC. The new software upgrade will totally revise the Nord Modular system and to start with, Clavia offers a new model of the Nord Modular synthesizer. Of course the new Nord Modular synthesizer has its base on the same powerful concept as the predecessor. There are no hardware changes and the new software is 100% patch compatible with previous versions. For the future, Clavia continues with the Nord Modular "frequent upgrade program" where new features and new synth building blocks will be offered free of charge to the users. Keep your eyes and ears open! What's new in V3.0? Macintosh compatible Editor Two patch sections: one voice specific, and one common for all voices 254 modules in the patch Dynamic patch storage Multi-step undo/redo Editable Knob Floater One Editor supports up to four Modular synthesizers New widely improved graphical interface Integrated patch browser The Editor runs on Macintosh! The Editor software has been completely rewritten to run smoothly on both Macintosh and PC platforms. The V3.0 Editor software runs on PowerPC's under Mac OS 8.6 and the PC version runs under Windows95/98 and NT4. V3.0 is not just a porting to the Mac platform, but a completely new software. Two patches in one! Now you can use two different sections of the patch: one where you use modules unique for each voice, and one for modules that should be common for all voices. The sum of all voices from the Voice section can then be patched and processed in the Common Voice section. For example, in the Voice section you could place oscillators, filters and envelope generators. Patch the Voice section to the Common Voice section and use, for example, audio processors such as chorus, vocoder, compressor, expander etc. to process all voices. Another great advantage using Voice and Common Voice patch sections is that you are able to free up more voices of your patches. Patches made in earlier software versions will be totally compatible with V3.0. They will appear in the Voice section when uploaded or opened. Of course, you don't have to use both patch sections. You can patch either the Voice section or the Common Voice section directly to the output(s). Yessss, more modules in the patch! The module limit per patch is increased from 44 to 127 for the Voice section and another 127 modules for the Common Voice section, for a total of 254(!) modules per patch. Dynamic patch storage The number of patches that can be stored in the internal memory of the synthesizer depends on their size. A newly developed patch compression technique makes it possible to fit in a lot more patches than before. Multi-step Undo/Redo Now it's possible to Undo and Redo in several steps. Very useful if you should accidentally mess up that great sound. The Knob Floater - it's alive! The Knob Floater window in the Editor is mirroring the synthesizer's front panel including all the knobs. Now you can change assigned patch parameters in real time from the Knob Floater window and use it more as a regular synth panel. One Editor - four synthesizers With the V3.0 Editor you can hook up and control up to four Nord Modulars/Micro Modulars from one Editor. You use the same Nord Modular V3.0 Editor for both Nord Modular and Micro Modular synthesizers. Superior graphical interface The graphical interface has been widely enhanced to make it even easier to create, edit and overview your patches. More cable colors, separate Morph group colors and a new toolbar with lots of new functions are also included. Integrated patch browser Now it's much easier to browse and select patches from both the synthesizer's internal memory and from the computer disks. The Nord Modular platform The devotion to develop the Modular platform is strong at Clavia. The stand alone hardware solution is smart and holds several advantages compared to native computer products. With the Nord Modular, the user is not dependent on an expensive, well equipped computer or risking latencies or conflicts with other real time computer software. The Clavia solution utilize and optimize the processing power of the Nord Modular hardware without depending on other computer applications. The Nord Modular platform is praised by musicians and sound developers around the world for its intuitive, easy to use interface, great sound quality and flexibility. When you have created your sounds with the Editor, simply unhook the Modular and take it with you to the gig! The Nord Modular platform comes in three hardware models - Modular Key, Modular Rack and Micro Modular - where two of them (Modular Key and Modular Rack) are expandable by doubling the voice capacity. Clavia's "frequent upgrasde program" ensures the user to frequently obtain new software upgrades, free of charge!
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