Beetronics Releases A Dual Overdrive Pedal

US WANNABEE BEELATERAL BUZZ combines Bluesbreaker- and Klon-style circuits      03/04/24

Beetronics has released the WANNABEE BEELATERAL BUZZ, a dual overdrive pedal that's a departure from their usual original circuits. This is what they have to say about it...

Ever loved something so much you wanted to "bee-come" it? While Beetronics circuits are primarily original, our bees had classic favorites they "Wannabee-d," so we embraced these buzzing wonders as our own hive of inspiration, infusing a generous dose of honeyed innovation to craft the ultimate dual overdrive.

The WANNABEE "BEELATERAL BUZZ" is a dual-drive pedal like no other. It combines two classic circuits, each offering three distinct FLAVORS, and lets users weave them together however they like. They can run them side by side or have one flow into the other, unlocking a world of tonal possibilities, as sweet as a jar of honey.
Circuit #0, Beetronics's Bluesbreaker-inspired creation, harmonizes vintage amp tones with crystal-clear crispness, all while preserving that beloved tube-like warmth. Plus, its three flavors give users control over the low-end oomph.

Circuit #1 is Beetronics's take on the legendary Klon. All those iconic transparent overdrive tones are here, with a sweet honey twist. Unlike any other Klon, Beetronics' Circuit #1 offers a unique trio of flavors that grant users control over their clean blend level.
This pedal's core houses a truly exceptional Routing System, crafted by Beetronics' expert bees. It's the gateway to exploring unique tones. What makes it stand out is that it lets users not only choose the order of the circuits but also blend them in parallel, something other dual-drive pedals can't do.

In the center position, users can use the volume controls to mix both circuits in parallel. And with the footswitch, they're in charge of when each circuit kicks in. Flick it to the right, and Circuit #0 flows into Circuit #1; shift left, and Circuit #1 flows into Circuit #0. When chaining one circuit into another, users can simply crank up the volume on the first to push the second into a thrilling buzz of distortion.
The WANNABEE draws inspiration from Beetronics' favorite overdrive circuits and then elevates them to a whole new level, enhancing their tone with a touch of honey and introducing innovative features. It unlocks a world of possibilities by blending both circuits in the most unique ways. Beetronics hopes this can be the ultimate overdrive tool to help users truly BEE THEMSELVES.

Key Features

  • Dual Overdrive Pedal with two classic circuit designs.
  • Each circuit offers three distinct flavors.
  • Circuit #0, inspired by the Bluesbreaker, delivers vintage amp tones with clarity and warmth.
  • Circuit #1, influenced by the legendary Klon, provides transparent overdrive tones with a honey twist.
  • Exceptional Routing System for exploring unique tones.
  • Flexible usage: employ both circuits separately, in series, or blend them in parallel.
  • Choose circuit order according to preference.
  • Individual tone control for each circuit

Pricing and Availability:
365 EUR / £315 GBP

More information:




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