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FireSonic FireEQ integrates multiple EQ techniques   04-Mar-24

United Plugins has introduced FireEQ from FireSonic, which they describe as a groundbreaking plugin that revolutionizes traditional equalization. A spokesperson told us, "Seamlessly integrating multiple EQ techniques, FireEQ simplifies mixing and mastering while ensuring exceptional sound quality."

Here's more details in their own words...

Far from everyday EQ
Far from being an everyday EQ plug-in, FireSonic's FireEQ effectively combines several established EQ techniques that will surely make anyone's musical life much easier, whether mastering or mixing. Musically, that mastering or mixing magic is appropriately anchored around a power trio of main controls, kicking off with the MAGIC knob, itself implementing a complex dynamic processing process that flattens the sound to make things more even; essentially, it amplifies what is silent and attenuates what is loud-- like a multi-band compressor, in other words.

Working in perfect harmony with that MAGIC knob is an all-important DARK / BRIGHT balance control. Through this single knob, FireEQ controls the overall colour of the mix; moreover, users can change the mood of their track, making it brighter or darker as desired within a split second!

DEPTH charge
Rounding off that 'knobular' power trio, the DEPTH control adjusts the overall amount of processing -- a little like the way that typical dry/wet works, but, because of the phase shift that EQs induce, this is implemented in a much more complex way.

Treat the low-end right
Duly distinguishing it from other EQs -- virtual effect plug-in-based or otherwise, FireSonic's FireEQ's LOW CUT filter features a SIDEKILL function that specifies the low-cut frequency of a filter and only affects the 'side' signal of the stereo image. In turn, this helps remove all stereo content for low frequencies, otherwise this could cause problems on bigger playback systems.

Stereo image control
Each of FireSonic's FireEQ's eight core frequency BANDS (with virtual faders stepped in +/-12 dB steps) has an associated -- read: extra -- SIDE / MID knob; needless to say, this defines the gain of the filters affecting neighbouring frequencies, with opposite gain for mid and side signals, so users literally gain control over the ratio between mid and side in that area and the stereo image itself.

Sandwiching those eight core frequency BANDS are LOW SHELF and HIGH SHELF filters modelled after the most favoured vintage-style analogue EQs to give the resulting signal a warm analogue feel.

Over and OUT
Of course, the OUT [dB] fader defines FireSonic's FireEQ's output gain, providing users with convenient control over output volume given that applying EQ is likely to increase it. ADC (Automatic Gain Compensation) quickly adapts to current settings and ensures that the OUT [dB] (output) sounds as loud as the IN [dB] (input), while also effectively preventing users from being tricked into thinking that something sounds better because it is louder.

Set in motion mixing in a different way
All in all, then, FireSonic's FireEQ has been beautifully formulated to set in motion mixing in a different way as an advanced EQ plug-in that can not only boost and cut frequencies but also change the overall dynamics of the track to give it additional space. Saying that, in keeping with its fellow United Plugins partners' software siblings, FireSonic's FireEQ plug-in provides its users with the maximum audio quality possible thanks to its internal 64-bit audio processing and an ability to handle any sampling rate -- reaching 192 kHz or even higher without breaking into a sweat. Similarly, the photorealistic yet flexible (resizable) nature of its GUI (Graphical User Interface) imbues it with impressions of working with real hardware as opposed to being a virtual effect plug-in. Ultimately, United Plugins software smartly manages bypass functionality to ensure that users do not experience any clicks or harmful noises when automating that parameter, and FireSonic's FireEQ is no exception to that (written) rule.

Key features:

  • Advanced EQ plug-in that can not only boost and cut frequencies but also change overall track dynamics to give it additional space
  • Effectively combines several established EQ techniques to make anyone's musical life much easier, whether mastering or mixing
  • Filters modelled after most favoured vintage-style analogue EQs to give resulting signals a warm analogue feel


Pricing and Availability:
FireSonic's FireEQ is available to purchase for a time-limited introductory promo price of only €15.00 EUR until March 31, 2024 -- rising thereafter to its regular price of €99.00 EUR

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