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Fuse Audio's VREV-63 offers an emulation of a Fender tube driven spring reverb   09-Feb-24

Fuse Audio Labs describes the VREV-63 as the ripping reincarnation of the legendary tube driven spring reverb from the sixties: the godfather of surf guitar sound! A spokesperson told us "Hooked up in front of an amp, the drippy and splashy sound of this mysterious box has inspired countless reggae, dub, garage, rockabilly, jazz and spaghetti western artists. Play off the hook on incredibly long and inspiring reverb tails!"

Here's more details direct from the company...

Reverb intensity and time are set with the Dwell knob which controls how hard the springs are hit by the input signal. The Tone control allows the treble to be dialed back to just the right degree of brightness. A fundamental yet switchable part of the lush sound is the famous tone suck effect impacting high frequencies, emerging from the authentic emulation of the tone and mixer circuits.

Just like the original, the flexibility of the VREV-63 is greatly enhanced by some popular modifications. This includes the C10 capacitor mod for a deeper and richer reverb sound, easy tube rolling between a NOS 6K6 and the hotter 6V6, and a selection of three different spring tanks. And hey, enjoy kicking the reverb all night long without wiping out your precious hardware!

Its juicy reputation is well earned, and yet this outstanding reverb is by no means limited to surf expeditions, twangy splatter sounds or crazy freak endeavors. Time has proven it to sound differently beautiful and inspiring on synths, vocals, strings, and many other instruments as well... just give it a ride, the springs are calling!

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$29 until March 9, 2024 (regular price: $59)

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