Free Distortion Plug-In

Nembrini Audio's Black Distortion is modelled on the RAT2 distortion pedal   01-Oct-21

Free Distortion Plug-In

Nembrini Audio, a company that specialises in guitar amp plugins, has released theBlack Distortion plugin as a free download. A spokesperson told us, "This responsive and highly versatile plugin, is modelled on the RAT2 distortion pedal, making it ideal for rock, metal, grunge, stoner, punk and many other classic guitar tones. Check out the video trailer and sound sample."

Here's more details direct from Nembrini Audio...

Renowned for its versatility, the classic RAT2 is the go-to distortion pedal for many guitarist playing all sorts of different music. Just like the pedal it is based on, the Black Distortion plugin features the legendary filter control. Turn it to the left to roll off brittle high-end frequencies, turn to the left to all the natural brightness of a guitar to shine through. With this FREE plugin, guitarists can dial in their perfect amount of gain, from mild overdrive to full on fuzzy assault.

The dark, lush Black Distortion plugin faithfully reproduces the behaviour and character of the famous RAT black stomp box. Used as the primary distortion tool, it offers an immense range of gritty rich tones which can help to boost solos and build soaring leads. In fact it adds a kick to playing wherever it is needed.

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