Video Playback Facilitated Inside Ableton Live

Showsync announce version 1.0 of their Videosync audio-visual creation tool   20-Apr-21

Showsync has announced version 1.0 of their audio-visual creation tool, Videosync. Based on Max for Live, and seamlessly integrated with Ableton Live 11, Videosync is designed to help musicians incorporate live and edited visuals into their musical workflow.

A spokesperson told us, "With Videosync, musicians get access to reliable, professional-grade capabilities for video playback, mixing, routing, and processing in real-time, right inside Live. And with a workflow identical to treating audio, you can now add Warp Markers, Racks, Macro controls, Simpler, Automation, and Modulation to your visuals too. This means that Videosync also opens up Live's powerful improvisational tools to video performers looking for new approaches."

Main Features:


  • Session View - Flexible video integration for video performers who want to treat video as Clips inside Live
  • Arrangement View - Use Live's linear and musical timeline to play, blend and automate multiple video streams



  • Signal flow integration - Treat video the same way as audio inside Live:
  • Custom Video plugins - Use a suite of video editing plugins, designed by the Videosync team, to bring your video performance to life
  • Format support - Support for all standard video formats, as well as HAP
  • ISF shaders - Support for Interactive Shader Format, and ships with an SDK to easily develop your own video plugins
  • Multiple outputs - Use Live's Return & Master channels as Syphon outputs, allowing up to 13 channels of video output into other applications


  • Native video playback - Uses macOS high-performance video playback frameworks, to render video at the highest resolutions and frame rates that your system supports
  • Networked playback - Increase redundancy and spread workload in your live shows by running Videosync on a separate computer
  • Native Apple Silicon support - Videosync ships with a universal binary for Intel and Apple Silicon from day one


Pricing and Availability:

Videosync works in Live Intro, Live Standard as well as Live Suite. Please see the comparison chart on our website for more details.
The Full version of version 1.0 of Videosync will cost €199 for new customers and is also offered as a free update to existing license-holders of Videosync.
Videosync is now also available with an Intro license. At a reduced price, it gives an entry point for the AV musician who just wants to play back, route and mix video in Live. Videosync 1.0 Intro costs €79 for new customers.

Please note that Videosync is currently only available for MacOS.

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