Vintage Magnatone Vibrato In A Stompbox

Origin Effects introduces the MAGMA57 Amp Vibrato and Drive pedal   17-Nov-20

Origin Effects has introduced the MAGMA57 Amp Vibrato and Drive pedal which they believe accurately captures the legendary overdrive and pitch-shifting vibrato effect found in vintage Magnatone amps. They say that, inspired by the original 260, 280 & 213 'Troubadour,' the pedal's amp circuitry delivers complex clean and overdriven tones dripping with vintage vibe.

A spokesperson told us, "Combine lush, shimmering vibrato with a smooth, clear overdrive tone and you've got a sound that has inspired both legendary guitarists and renowned amp designers. MAGMA57 brings the best of the Magnatone 200 Series amplifiers to your pedalboard--delivering everything from warm, jazzy clean tones to full-on swirling psychedelia."


  • True pitch-modulating vibrato
  • Reactive overdrive designed for authentic sound and playing feel
  • Comprehensive Post-Drive EQ section to seamlessly match the MAGMA57 to your amp
  • Tour grade, all metal construction
  • Effects system integration for convenient control
  • High-impedance buffered bypass with silent switching
  • Designed and built in England



  • VIBE footswitch – Switches the vibrato effect on and off. When VIBE is turned on the jewel light will turn white and will pulse at the selected vibrato speed.
  • DRIVE – behaves like the Volume knob on a vintage non-master-volume guitar amplifier. Set low for clean sounds or turn it up for more overdrive.
  • TONE – Turn up for a brighter sound. Turn down to tame highs.• OUTPUT – overall pedal output level
  • SPEED – Turn up to increase the rate of the vibrato effect. The range of the SPEED control is set by the three-position MULTI switch.
  • MULTI – applies a preset multiplier to the speed of the vibrato, whether it is set by the pedal's SPEED knob or by attaching an external tap tempo footswitch.
  • BLEND - The BLEND switches offers three distinct flavours of modulation.
  • INTENSITY – controls the depth of the vibrato.
  • POST-DRIVE EQ – three presets allow quick compatibility when plugging into Blackface, Plexi, and flat-response amps. Fine-tune the top-end further with the ADJ trimmer.

Pricing and Availability:
RRP: £385 GBP (Inc VAT) / $459 USD (Ex TAX)

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