Sonic LAB Presentation: Universal Audio OX - Reactive Load Box

Soak up the power of your amp   14-Feb-18

Universal Audio's OX Amp Top Box is new product for UA - its a Reactive Load Box, allowing you crank your amp and apply speaker loads to play at manageable volumes while driving your amp hard (if you wish). The OX is placed between your amp output and speaker input, so you can monitor at various levels, or turn the speaker off completely and use the internal cab and mic modeling.  As well as the load, the OX has on board DSP allowing you to tune each of the rigs to let you choose a pair of mics, cabinet type and room settings, as well as ad EQ, compression, delay and reverb,

Each rig can use two mic models, with on and off-axis settings, plus the ability to blend in more of the emulated room sound. You also get delay and reverb in DSP, compression and EQ for a complete guitar recording path using the UA DSP mojo.

Using the UA speaker modellling lets you apply degrees of physical cone breakup and speaker age to create highly authentic tones, from clean to saturated and driven, without having to rattle the furniture. It means that you can dig in to the amps power in the usual way, play harder in the usual way a you might using the guitar's volume and playing style.

Configuration is taken care of via the desktop or iOS app where you get control of direct and room signal, mic placement and speaker cab choice as well as mic phase, FX, compression and EQ.

OX will be available Later this year priced at around £1170 UK

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