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Pitch effects for live and studio   20-Sep-10

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   6:52 mins

Eventide take 10 of classic and contemporary pitch-based algorithms and chucks em on the floor for use in a pedal format.

As with the previous Factor series of pedals (ModFactor and TimeFactor), its a well-built affair with sturdy case and connections, stereo in, stereo out , expression pedal, aux footswitch in (up to 3 switches), MIDI IO and USB too (USB for sysex and OS updates only).  This pedal is a mains only unit, no batteries I’m afraid.

Effect Types
  • Diatonic
  • PitchFlex™
  • Quadravox™
  • Octaver™
  • HarModulator™
  • Crystals™
  • MicroPitch
  • HarPeggiator™
  • H910 / H949
  • Synthonizer™
From classic chorus to harmonizer effects with intelligent key and scale, sub-octave fuzz patches to crazy arpeggios and lush ambient pitch pads, there’s pretty much the whole gamut of pitch based effects. You also get a couple of interesting elements such as fuzz  and filtering which bring something a little more unusual  to the party.
Inputs and outputs can be set to guitar or line level for studio or live use, with a dedicated mix controls for getting the right blend.

Memory is organized into 50 banks of 2 patches each. When in bank mode can these be recalled instantly with switches 1+2, the third switch increments bank up only. And this is a bit of a pain as you have to go around to get to any banks lower than the one you are at. You can use a footswitch to bank down, or a MIDI program change/ footswitch with ease, but that is not out of the box function. Creating a live setup and  moving songs about could be a little frustrating without having a MIDI component to your setup but you can back up all your settings over USB or MIDI for different sets I guess.

A great set of pitch based effects with a lot more besides, the rich and expansive Eventide sound is in full force. With both studio and live applications, although this does seem like a n expensive unit  at £459/$579 full RRP, you are getting the Eventide pedigree, and that is something worth paying for.
Downside is in the memory management, which for live use might present problems if your set list and order is constantly changing.

Available now
£459/$579 - full RRP. You will find this cheaper if you shop around.

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