Do Audio Cables Affect Sound Quality?

US Audio University taking the lead      23/06/24

Audio cables, whats your stance? Just use any old cable you got in the market, or does it have to be balanced and gold plated? Here we have the Audio University taking a look at what actually makes a difference when it comes to audio leads. Some of the information may be simple for the more advanced musicians, but the audio examples really help to discover just how much difference certain audio cables make. Here are the timestamps:


00:00 Intro

00:45 Demo: Eliminating Noise with Modern Audio Cables

05:52 Advantages of Shielded Audio Cables

07:30 Demo: Condenser Mic with 100' Shielded Cable & Shielding Details

10:18 Twisting: Enhancing Signal Quality

14:41 NEXT VIDEO - What Is A DI Box (Direct Box)? | When & How To Use One

More from the Audio University


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